Vision boards, positive affirmations, feeling good. You do these and more always so why aren't you manifesting money, jobs love and the dream life you desire? Why isn't the law of attraction working for you? Find out where you are going wrong!

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In part 1, I talked about 5 different reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

The Law of attraction can be “tough to get” at first. It involves a change in your entire being, your mindset, your thought patterns, your stories, your emotions, your beliefs.

These things have been hard-wired into us for such a long time. For some of us, we have been taught “faulty” lines of thinking since we were reallyyyy young. These are buried in our subconscious. And we might not even be aware of that! Undoing that is gonna take time.

And these posts aim to bring those beliefs/attitudes from your subconscious to the surface, to give you awareness and insight, and allow you to gently work through those issues.