Vision boards, positive affirmations, feeling good. You do these and more always so why aren't you manifesting money, jobs love and the dream life you desire? Why isn't the law of attraction working for you? Find out where you are going wrong!

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In part 1, I talked about 5 different reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you.

The Law of attraction can be “tough to get” at first. It involves a change in your entire being, your mindset, your thought patterns, your stories, your emotions, your beliefs.

These things have been hard-wired into us for such a long time. For some of us, we have been taught “faulty” lines of thinking since we were reallyyyy young. These are buried in our subconscious. And we might not even be aware of that! Undoing that is gonna take time.

And these posts aim to bring those beliefs/attitudes from your s


Vision boards, positive affirmations, feeling good. You do these and more always so why aren't you manifesting money, jobs love and the dream life you desire? Why isn't the law of attraction working for you? Find out where you are going wrong!

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If you’ve been into the Law of Attraction (LOA) long enough, you’d have come across articles on the net written by people bemoaning the usefulness and authenticity of the Law of Attraction and how it doesn’t work for them, thus it’s all hogwash.

Well, I was one of them. Once upon a time.

I first discovered LOA back in 2012 when I chanced upon The Secret (both the movie and the book). That led me to Abraham Hicks’ work (whom I adore and follow the most now) and a deeper exploration of the LOA and spiritual field.

I would write up affirmations, create vision boards and use all sorts of LOA ‘tools’ to get what I wanted.

Sent out my messages to the universe and then waited and waited to see if I got anything back.

And did I get everything that I wanted?

No I didn’t.

At that time I was so frustrated and angry. Declaring the LOA a bunch of nonsense, I discarded it from my life. Fast forward to 2017, and through various other spiritual paths (meditation, crystals, chakras etc), I found myself with a renewed interest in LOA teachings.

This time around, I delved into the teachings with an open mind and greater sincerity to apply the methods to my life.

And I’ve finally come to an understanding of its teachings, what it really is about and how to apply it to your life.

So in this, I am going to reveal the reasons why LOA did not work for me back then and why it might not be working for you right now.

Let’s dive in!


Ever wondered what successful people do before bedtime? What are night routines and evening habits that will ensure you get better quality sleep and a productive morning? Here are some bed time habits and tips you can schedule into your life now, to help you sleep better and wake up to a more productive morning ahead!

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Some of the best night-time habits help you do several things:

  • Signal to your brain that it’s time to unwind and get ready for bed
  • Put you in a relaxed mood so that sleep comes easily
  • Prepare for the next day

If your pre bed-time routine consist of falling asleep on the couch watching netflix and then waking up at 2am to wash up before really going to bed… then, um, sorry to break it to you, but you’re probably getting it wrong.


Ever wondered what are the early morning habits of successful people? When you start your day with a productive morning routine, you set the tone for the rest of the day. This post presents some tips for an effective morning routine that will ensure you have a successful and productive day ahead.

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Do you have morning habits? What does it look like?

Wait, before we even talk about that – how do you FEEL when you get up in the morning?

Are you usually snoozing your alarm too many times and scrambling to get things done before rushing out of the house?

Want to know how to start our mornings feeling fresh, positive and enthusiastic and ready to slay the day?

The answer lies in having a an effective, productive and amazing morning routine. A morning routine consisting of effective habits that ensure you start the day right.


Need extra tips on how to save money in your 20s? Here are some personal finance ideas, tips on how to earn extra cash, frugal living, how to budget better. As well as tips on how to be rich in your 20s by managing your finances better, earning extra passive income through side hustles, investing tips and more. Start financial planning early, set smart financial goals and learn how to cultivate good financial habits today!

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Do you know what does it take to be rich? Do you have a habit of saving money or do you spend everything you earn?

Financial planning, setting financial goals, finding the right insurance plans, investing…Do you know how to go about all that?

Actually, why didn’t the schools teach us all these?

Anyway. If you’ve read up on millionaires and their lifestyles, you will notice that many of them – barring being born with a Golden spoon in their mouths! – actually have cultivated great financial habits since they were younger.

Many of them started taking an interest in financial planning or searching up investment in their 20s or even earlier.

But most of us in our 20s are usually saddled up with student loan debt, aren’t in high-income jobs (yet!) and have no idea what to do with whatever money we’ve saved.

Lots of 20 somethings are also all like “I’ve just started tasting financial freedom, so, YOLO, I’ll spend my money on whatever I want”.

Which is great, I’m all about spending money on experiences. But the 20s is also a great time to lay the groundwork for good financial habits.

Stumped and not sure how to begin? Here are 5 tips to get you started. (more…)