In our eagerness to fall in love and find our happily ever after, many of us tend to play up certain aspects of meeting someone and assume that all that is love.

Then when things go awry down the road, we tell ourselves, “Love is blind”.

Is it really?

Or is it all down to us attributing the wrong things to love?

In this post, I write about the 12 signs that it isn’t love.


Relationship Baggage

The 8 habits that can make dating very tricky

Dating advice and ideas: the relationship habits we may have that is making dating and forming relationships tricky for us. What are they? Click on the post to find out!

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I constantly get emails and comments from readers who want to know why their dates or relationships tend to be short-lived and don’t work out for them.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, dating is fun, but if you do not have your wits about you, engage in unhealthy habits or do not have healthy boundaries, it can result in you falling into a tangled web of hurt, lies and pain.

In this post,  I talk about 8 key habits that you may not know you have and may have been the very things standing in the way of your dating success. (more…)

Soul Connection

30 things I am saying NO to in 2019

Instead of setting new year resolutions, this year I'm setting goals in the form of what I am saying NO to this year. Click to find out what they are!

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It’s March! It’s officially Spring and yes, this is the first official month of the year as far as I’m concerned 😀

What a great way to say GOODBYE to the year gone by, by drawing up a list of things that I am going to say NO to this year.

Growth means there’s constant change and in this post, I’ll list ?? things/habits/actions/beliefs that I don’t aim to bring into the New Year.

Let’s kick this off.


When long-time friendships cut us off for no reason, it usually takes us by surprise and some of us never recover. Here we explore the red flags that might have already come up in the friendship and explore some ways of how to deal with them.

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In part 1, I talked about why people, specifically long-time friends cut you off for no reason.

In part 2, I talk about the possible red flags in the friendship you might have missed, based on my painful experience when a friend of 17 years cut me off, and how you can deal with such an upsetting situation. (more…)

When long-time friendships end, it is always so sudden and out of the blue, so why do people do that? Let's explore the psychological reasons behind why friends resort to doing this and how once-treasured friendships end.

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Have you had a long-time friend cut you out of their lives totally for no reason at all?

If you have had that unfortunate experience, you will know how painful it really is.

You’d never know what really happened. Your friendship was here today, gone tomorrow.

I had one. We knew each other from when we were 7. Had rows (like all normal friends do). But she saw it necessary to not only cut me off totally but chose not to invite me to her wedding. Other friends who weren’t as close were invited though.

So the friendship ended, just like that, at 24.

When something like that happens, it always leaves you wondering why it happened and how could you not have seen it coming.

In this post, I touch on why people who do the cutting off do this. And why (more…)

We are always looking for tips on how to be more productive than we already are. In doing so, are we making ourselves more anxious and stressed out than before, affecting our mental and emotional well-being in the process? Let's explore in this post.

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“How to be more productive: 10 tips” 

“22 ways you can be more productive at work”

“16 top tips for a super productive weekend”

Sound familiar? Everywhere we look, there are articles, blogs, podcasts telling us how to be more productive.

Productive, more productive and even more productive. There seems to be this drive to be even more productive than we currently are.

And there-in lies the problem.

  • This implication, that the way we are running our lives, we aren’t being productive enough.
  • That we have more to give, but we aren’t hitting our maximum each day.
  • There there is a huge problem with the way we are living out our day to day.

But is that true though? Is there something inherently wrong with the way we plan our lives?

Or could it be that we’ve got the definition of productive wrong all these while? (more…)

Thoughts & Musings

8 characteristics of highly successful people


Ever wondered what were the habits and characteristics of highly successful people that makes them different from us? Learn 8 life lessons from them today!Have you ever wondered what makes highly successful people in our society the way they are?

What makes them tick? What drives them? What keeps them going when life is horrible to them?

I’ve always been fascinated by their psychology.

Of course some of them are incredibly lucky, came from wealth and connections and had everything handed to them on a plate.

Regardless, they do possess certain traits that set them apart from the others. They’ve also, I’ve observed quite different ways of thinking about life and can be quite unconventional.

And! After spending a number of years interviewing them, even working alongside some of them and reading some of their autobiographies (sports stars are my fav), I’ve noticed they do share similar characteristics

Read on to find out what they are!  (more…)


Struggling to create new habits and make them stick? Here are 4 gaps you need to tackle. Design your environment, tackle your motivation levels and learn the reasons why practice is so important.Does this sound familiar?

“I will start flossing my teeth twice a day starting from today!”

You are all excited and gung ho. You are determined to make it work – this time.

Fast forward 5 days later and you are all like “Wellllll, I’m kinda tired and I’ll just go to bed now. I’ve not flossed at all today but I’d be doing so in a couple of hours anyway.”

Fast forward another 5 days and you’ve completely stopped flossing.

Sound familiar? What is exactly going on here? (more…)