About Me

About Me

Hey you. Welcome!

I’m Sonia Alonso and I help action-taking, growth-oriented individuals live out fulfilling, purposeful lives by: breaking free of societal rules and expectations, healing their childhood wounds and questioning their patterns and limiting beliefs. If you experience the following:

  • Find yourself romantically obsessed and limerent for people you sort of know/celebs and can never untangle yourself from these liaisons or understand why you get into them in the first place
  • Struggle with love, dating, romance and always involved with individuals who never really seem to love, care or respect you and never seem
  • Struggle with living the way you want to because productivity/hustle/beauty/self-care etc cultures tell you, you SHOULD be doing xyz. And it never felt right to you but you find it incredibly hard to break free 
  • Struggle with making yourself be seen. You don’t really know how self-compassion, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love and anything healthy about your SELF really looks and feels like and it’s affecting all areas of your life 

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I write alot about and coach many individuals over the years in the realms of romantic obsession, dating, friendships, breaking free of cultural narratives, habits and life purpose. This blog also serves as a space for me to share my thoughts, ramblings and life lessons, in a way of processing them and to offer you pockets of inspiration too. 

So welcome and read on! To start you off, below is a list of articles that will help you on different parts of your healing journey, categorised by key topics. If you feel that you need more 1 on 1 personal help to navigate the tricky waters of love and life – get in touch here. My coaching sessions have re-opened and are now going for $55/session. 

Limerence and romantic obsession

Love and Dating

  • [Awareness] 13 Red flags of online dating
  • [Awareness] 3 types of men that you need to be aware of when dating?
  • [Awareness] Dating successfully means doing these 3 things – red flags, your values/boundaries and staying grounded
  • [Awareness] What does it mean to stay grounded in dating and relationships?
  • [Recovery] Stop saying yes to unavailable, ambivalent men and start saying yes to devotion and exuberance
  • [Recovery] Start getting into the habit of choosing partners who don’t make you feel like you are losing

Life Purpose

  • [Awareness] A life of purpose starts with following your nudges
  • Giving yourself the permission to be who you want to be
  • [Recovery] How to re-write the stories you’ve told yourself and change your whole life
  • Do things because you want to and not because you think you should or are told to
  • Drift: Stop drifting around in life and start actively forging a meaningful future

Breaking Free of Societal Expectations

  • [Awareness] How various societal expectations hold you back from truly leading life
  • [Awareness] Digital detox and how social media is harming our minds and our lives
  • Beauty culture and how it exacerbates and feeds off our low self-esteem
  • The toxicity of hustle and productivity culture & How it leads to self-abandonment
  • Staying sane in a materialistic, capitalistic, consumerist society
  • How the obedience culture has moulded us all into a bunch of people pleasers
  • How the rise of self-care and well-being culture is ironically, the anti-thesis of self-care
  • Why the efficiency and maximum optimisation of your life is the enemy of self-care and compassion.

Healing Childhood Wounds & Reparenting the Inner Child


  1. I really appreciate all your insights and the way you think about things. However the little floating icons to share Facebook Instagram etc. are so maddening that I’m absolutely not able to read and focus on what you’re saying.They are creepy the way they kind of stalk the entire articles.I would totally ditch this feature. You’ve probably lost a lot of people because of them. People will share given the opportunity but not every single line of reading. Keep up the great work otherwise!

    1. Hey Shannon! Thanks for the feedback about the floating icons! I was experimenting with it, thinking it would make it easier for readers to share. Guess not! Stalk the articles” hahaha. Will be removing it. Thanks for letting me know and for your kind words too 😀

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