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3 Simple Ways To Designing A Unique & Effective Self-Care Routine

3 simple ways to designing a unique and effective self-care routine
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A couple of years ago – when the concept of “self-care” started to become popular on the interwebs, I decided to incorporate some of these practices into my life.

I trawled Pinterest and read blogs about how the bloggers and coaches and self-care gurus were looking after themselves.

These often elaborate routines involved getting up before sunrise, taking walks, writing in my morning journals, deep-breathing for 30 mins and making a healthy breakfast.

All before I headed out of the house for work.

I did some of these for awhile and whilst I was gung-ho and enthusiastic at the beginning, something else was happening.

I wasn’t feeling relaxed.

Something that was supposed to be all about taking care of myself and unwinding and taking the stress off myself, became a pattern which added to the stress I already had.

The answer, as it dawned on me was pretty simple:

My self-care routine was personal and no one could tell me that it was wrong.

And only I knew what defined self-care for me. And I realised that what it looked like was far from the expensive spa treatments and cold showers. It was more about doing simple things that fed my soul.

I explore that concept in today’s episode.

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