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8 amazing ways of developing your intuition

8 ways to tap into the power of your inner voice and let it guide your life.

8 intuition developing tips - tap into your inner voice and let it guide your life!
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For the longest time, my intuition was blocked from me. I didn’t know where it was, what it was even, or how to access it.

Like many of you reading this, I was operating from a mind/ego-conscious level. I reacted to many things in my life out of the usual stuff – fear, impatience…and I had a lot of rules about life.

I should have, I need to, I must do this, I have to do this. I found it difficult to get out of the mindset I was in. And I never thought I would.

But I really wanted to. I was tired of the way I was thinking and how my thoughts were dictating how I went about life.

I was tired of always feeling fearful, worried, anxious, constantly wringing my hands about my future and the uncertainties.

I sought to change my ways. It started off slow at first, but it was not before long that I started noticing the changes within me.

How I have changed after listening more to my intuition

Calm – I was and am a lot calmer these days. I’ve learnt to take things in my stride

Don’t dwell on things – I used to be someone who would get very emotionally affected by little things in my life. Someone pushed me on the train – get pissed! Someone speaks to me in a terse way (my perception) for whatever reason – I’d get really upset and think about these things for ages after. Little things could affect my entire day and my entire mood. But now? I might get upset for a little while and

Better emotional management – These days, whilst things do upset me and I still react emotionally to stuff, I calm down very quickly. Alot of the time I forget about what pissed me off as well, ha. And I no longer bear a lot of grudges and dislike/hate towards certain people like I used to. And boy, does that feel good!

Dicerning – What exactly is discernment or being discerning about? The dictionary will give you the official definition, but for me it just means knowing when to do or say the right thing. I feel less of a need to divulge things to people – things that I don’t need to reveal in the first place.

Clear-headed – I am guided by my inner wisdom now than by my head. I used to let my fears and limiting beliefs hold me back. I still have remnants of those fears now – it’s still a work in process – but I have a greater ability of cutting through all that noise and getting through to my inner wisdom.

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Are you ready to feel the same? Here are some awesome-sauce ways to develop that inner wisdom that lies in each and every one of us. Go with whichever resonates or just try a couple on the list and see which works for you!

Take breaks

Sounds weird? Hear me out. Lots of us have this habit of worrying, ruminating and thinking ourselves into a dark hole whenever there’s an issue in your life. So what do you do?

You stop thinking about it by not thinking about it.

Okay. Let’s try this – Don’t think of polar bears. What kept appearing in your head? Polar bears right? That’s what our minds do. If you keep telling yourself not to think about something, your mind will just focus on that subject and keep bringing it up in your head.

So what should you do about those worries instead? Nothing. Just nothing. Leave it alone. And whilst it’s swimming around in your head, go do something else. Walk, paint, read, hang out with a friend. Whatever you like.

My intuition tends to speak to me when I’m taking long walks, washing the dishes or in the shower. I’d suddenly get ideas for things, solutions to problems I have been hung up on, inspirational nudges to go do something.

So stop thinking about what you are over-thinking about and just go do something. Let your intuition work its magic and it will nudge you when it’s time.


Journaling means different things for different and it has different names. Morning pages, brain dumps, 5 minute journals etc.

These days I journal intuitively. I ask myself questions and I let my intuition answer them. Questions could be general or specific. Sometimes, I have specific issues that I’d like to answer and I’d direct my questions there. But at others, I find that just asking myself “What would help me now?” “Why am I feeling troubled?” helps a ton. Just wait for the answers to flow from your intuition.

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I talk about this in a more in-depth manner in my intuition challenge. Join below!


Meditation helps to keep your mind clear and free of thoughts so that your intuition can come through. I prefer guided meditations as sometimes the words offer me comfort and inspiration. My mind tends to wander quite a bit still if I were to meditate unguided.

If you have yet to meditate in your life, start off with just 5 minutes – start small. It should be in a short enough block for you to clear your mind but not too long that you will find yourself getting distracted and thinking of other stuff.

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Notice your immediate reactions and feelings

Have you ever felt a certain way around someone? Was overcome with a feeling or emotion when you entered a place? That is your intuition telling yourself something.

When I’ve felt uneasy about something or someone, I’ve usually listened to it and not went ahead with whatever I’ve intended. This is different from the fears coming from your mind. This usually comes from somewhere deeper within my body.

It helps to ask yourself why you are feeling this way suddenly. Closing your eyes when you are talking to your

Go on a retreat

Sometimes, we get very sucked into the day to day living where we are and can get very down with daily living. Some of us do not live in places that have great energy as well, so it tends to affect you after awhile.

Getting out of the environment will definitely change your energy, help you disconnect and recharge.

I live in a very hectic place that stresses me out quite abit and what I’ve found helps is just getting out of the country from time to time, even if it’s to somewhere nearby for a few hours.

Leaving my normal environment refreshes me, makes me more creative and allows me to let go of a lot of the stuff I’d worry about usually. My intuition also tends to be very alive on overseas trips.

Get creative

Our creativity and intuition reside in very similar areas in the body. If you are familiar with chakra energy, creativity is associated a lot with our gut or the area around our stomach.

So when you are doing something creative like painting, designing, writing, daydreaming etc, you are actually tapping into a very intuitive space. Don’t be surprised if your intuition speaks to you when you are doing something artistic.

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I tend to get a lot of ideas for unrelated stuff as I am working on my creative pursuits.

More self-care and quiet time

These days I make sure I take at least 30 minutes before bedtime to unwind and really relax before I go to bed. My favourite pre bed time schedule involves listening to jazz music and relaxing with a good book and essential oils.

Throughout the day, I also make sure that I get more than 5 or 10 minutes of breaks in between work. I either take a walk to clear my head, chat to people or just enjoy a warm drink.

On the way to work or when I’m washing the dishes, I listen to podcasts

Scheduling in quiet time or self care is essential for our overall well-being. It really helps clear the gunk out of your head and gives you clarity. When you less preoccupied with your mind’s stresses, your intuition can reach you easily.

Check out this post for more stuff on a good morning routine or this for an evening routine.

Do repetitive tasks

For some weird reason, I tend to get loads of ideas when I’m washing the dishes, doing housework or chopping vegetables for dinner.

I think it’s because when you are doing something repetitive, your mind is on a pretty automatic, relaxed mode. And that allows your intuition to come in and do its work.

Last words

There are many ways of tapping into your intuition and many of them don’t involve strange airy-fairy methods. There are lots of things you can do to access it better.

And if this post wasn’t enough, here is an email challenge that will help guide you in developing your intuition even further. Have fun!

Need help in your relationships and life? Jump on this discovery email session and I will help you find out what exactly is bugging you and offer you solutions and tips to move forward. Life and relationships coaching.

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