How being too specific can delay your manifestation (The LOA Series)

Using the law of attraction to attract a specific person, specific job or a specific something in life? Your insistence on being specific can be standing in your way of your manifestation. Find out how in this post.

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Are you inadvertently preventing what you want from coming into your life?

A follow up from this post. 

Another way that people trip up when applying Law of Attraction principles to their lives is when they try to get too specific.

But what is wrong with being specific?

As with anything, there isn’t so much as something wrong, rather, we tend to approach specific manifestations in a way that is resistant and we end up preventing them from manifesting in our lives.

I’m never one to think that LOA or the Universe places limitations on how you should go about the kinds of manifestations you should make.

Quite the contrary – I believe anyone can have anything they want in life. Provided they aren’t standing in their own way.

And people really do stand in their own way. How?

Problems with being too specific in your desires

You limit yourself to your mind’s options

When you tell yourself you want a good life partner or a good job has a particular set of qualities and characteristics, and only those specific qualities, yo are limiting yourself to your mind’s options.

Our mind isn’t able to think of infinite possibilities. Because our mind is limited by what we experience ourselves and what we hear from other people. And we can’t possibly have experienced everything there is to experience in the world.

Our minds all have limitations. It isn’t really where our inner wisdom lies.

You don’t trust the Universe

Building on the first point, sometimes when we wish for something very specific, it is actually because we are resisting what the Universe has in store for us.

We don’t trust that it will deliver something that makes us happy. So we put in all these extra details “just in case” the Universe will give us something that we are unhappy with.

In doing so, you are introducing resistance – through your distrust and also through the energy in which you are placing all these details in your manifestations.

You form attachments and can’t let go easily

This point was taken from Ryan Holiday’s book, The Daily Stoic, where he quotes from the Stoics, like Seneca and Epictetus and extends them into life’s lessons.

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Here he is on how attachments are the enemy,

According to Anthony de Mello, “there is one thing and only one thing that causes unhappiness. The name of that thing is Attachment…attachments to a person, certain place or time..to a job or lifestyle. All of those things are dangerous for one reason: they are outside of our reasoned choice.

Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic

Being too specific can sometimes means you are holding something too tightly and inadvertently forming unhealthy attachments. It can even mean you are obsessing.

You constantly daydream of and think of this person or that job day and night. But you have to ask yourself why are you so attached to this person or thing? Is it because you think he/she/it is your ticket to happiness?

Your answers might surprise you.

Hope and fear are the same

Hecato says, ‘cease to hope and you will cease to fear.’…The primary cause of both these ills is that instead of adapting ourselves to present circumstances we send out thoughts too far ahead.”

Seneca, Moral Letters

Again another point inspired by The Daily Stoic. I quote Holiday here, a point I totally agree with,

Hope is generally regarded as good. Fear is generally regarded as bad….they are the same – both are projects into the future about things we do not control. Both are the enemy of this present moment that you are actually in.

Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic.

Indeed when you want, hope, desire for something, it’s usually done in a place of “I don’t have this now, Universe, please please bring it to me in the near future”.

Unless you are holding your hopes lightly, it is very often done with underlying feelings of conditional happiness and desperation.

You are telling the Universe that you aren’t willingly accepting what is present before you. It’s difficult to enjoy the present when you are constantly willing for the future to come quickly.

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What about fear? That’s one of the top reasons why desires never manifest. We usually sit around fearing that it won’t manifest and that’s the very thing that stops the manifestations in its tracks!

When you are in a vibration of fear, anxiety and worry, then you are blocking the vibration of your manifestation. And that usually lies in the vibration of peace, happiness, patience and love.

Stop fearing and hoping. Start trusting.

You have underlying contradictory beliefs

This constantly trips us up cause many of us are quite unaware of the subconscious beliefs that we hold. It’s impossible to know everything that is in our subconscious, but the important ones tend to always surface.

For example, you want a romantic partner and you believe that you are deserving of a good man/woman.

But you still hold beliefs like “all good men are taken”, “

Many of our beliefs are erroneous, are unhelpful and don’t hold up. Take the “all good men/women are taken” point. I’ve heard these so many times from friends.

But I know lots of good people who are single and enjoying it and lots of sucky, nasty people who are in relationships or married.

All you have to do is simply look around, observe, question and challenge your beliefs. And you’ll realise that all it takes is for evidence of the contrary for them to topple over like a house of cards. Many of our beliefs don’t hold water.

Your beliefs also reflect your emotional state in relation to your desire. When you are thinking, “all good men/women are taken”, does that make you feel happy? Does that make you feel confident?

How do you think your desire is gonna manifest then?

Your desires are conditional

You fear that if you don’t get a car or career or relationship just the way you want, in that specific way you are hoping for, that you won’t be happy.

You are making this conditional. You are hoping the specifics turn up to make you happy, so you are withholding your current happiness.

The thing though, is that you have to feel joy first then manifest. Get into the vibration that aligns with your desire/manifestation first, and not the other way around.

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When you place all hopes of feeling happy onto something or someone manifesting, you are telling the Universe that you aren’t happy and accepting of what you have now.

When you are in a high-vibing zone most of the time, you will surprised to find that lots of things in life start shifting in your favour. You might meet people who will show you the way to what you want, come across something that provides new insights or inspiration.

So take time to feel joy first. Do stuff that gets you into that mood. And your manifestations will show up at your doorstep in no time.

Last words

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being specific. But if and when you find yourself being specific in the near future, ask yourself, why are you doing so and what emotional state are you in when you making these requests?

If you find yourself unable to be specific without getting fearful or introducing all sorts of resistance, it’s not the end of the world for you.

Just go general with your requests until the time feels right to go specific. Instead of telling yourself you want a rich, handsome, smart, witty, trustworthy, responsible, caring man with an IQ of 180, just tell the Universe you want a suitable life partner.

Short and sweet. And then sit back and watch the Universe bring it to you in the most delicious ways possible 🙂

Your thoughts?

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