10 Life-changing Things to start doing in your 20s – Part 2

In Part 1 I outlined 10 tiny habits you could start picking up in your 20s; that could change the way you lead your life in the next few decades.

Here are the next 10.

Life changing things to start (or stop) doing in your twenties. Tips and tidbits on habits and goal setting that will ensure your success

  1. Never wait for something happen. Make it happen. Also – there is no such thing as “perfect timing” or the “right timing”. The right timing is NOW. Just take the first step and the rest will slowly fall into place.
  2. Master your time. Run your life. Don’t let life run you. Get into the habit of planning your year, the months, the weeks, the days and the hours. Set priorities. Set routines. Put a value on your time. Wondering why there always seems to be a lack of time or why time always seems to pass you by – try tracking your hours. Do it for a few days/weeks. You’ll be surprised at much time we waste each day doing things that don’t bring us closer to our goals.
  3. Prioritize your health. Eat healthily. Have lots of healthy snacks on your desk while you’re working. Drink lots of fluids (water in particular). Sleep a lot, have lots of quality sleep. Most adults can get by with 7-8 hours of sleep, but it varies.
  4. Read. A lot. Books are like your little windows to the world. You can learn a vast amount of information in a short amount of time just by reading different books around a topic. Also, successful people read a lot. If non-fiction/self-help books don’t tickle your fancy, there’s a plethora of fiction titles to choose from. Fiction has its benefits too, besides improving brain connectivity, it helps increase your creativity.
  5. Love liberally. It’s all too human to hold back and not want to put our feelings out there for different reasons, be it fear of rejection, embarrassment. But, you’ve really got nothing to lose.
  6. Put your heart and soul into (quality) relationships. Found someone you can have a good time with, puts in the effort to see you and most importantly, is there for you through your most awful days? Hold onto them. People like that are hard to come by. It’s easy to have a great time with just about anyone, but only true friends/people will see you through tough times and make an effort to include you in their lives. These are the people you want to keep close to you.
  7. At the same time, know when it’s a good time to let go of negative relationships and people who lower your quality of life. We’ve all known someone toxic in our lives who bring nothing but negative vibes and make you feel bad about yourself. If any sort of negative drama in your life always seem to involve certain people, take note. In my previous life, I had tons of toxic, negative friends who would constantly make me feel bad about myself – mostly cause I let them. I had no boundaries and was too afraid to assert my needs. And when I did? Oh, they had a hugeee problem with that. They were also very happy instigating conflict and when that happened, there was a complete lack of desire to communicate. Instead they preferred to point fingers and do anything but take responsibility. If anyone constantly picks fights with you (over small things), refuses to communicate, lays blame, disrespects your needs, is never apologetic, brushes aside your problems and worst, makes you feel like crap – it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.
  8. Take responsibility. Responsibility and commitment go hand-in-hand. When you commit to something, be it a volunteer group, a career and even a relationship, you are stepping up to take responsibility for your role in it. And a huge part of being an adult is taking up various responsibilities and seeing it through to the end.
  9. Manage your stress. Modern living is stressful. There’s no doubt about that. So, we all need to find ways to manage stress and stay sane. Find an outlet. What puts you at ease and is therapeutic to indulge in? Personally, certain household chores help me relax (ie: washing the plates, ironing, hanging out my laundry). Books, chill music, meditation also helps. Indulge in a self-care routine, find out what works for you.
  10. Smile more. We usually think that our feelings inspire our actions, instead, we sometimes could do more to let our actions inspire our feelings. Fake it til you make it. Want to feel happy? Start doing things that make you feel happy. Smile at strangers. Hold the door for someone. Say Good Morning to all your family members at the breakfast table. You will be amazed at how these small actions can lift your spirits pretty quickly.

More parts to come soon!

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