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Why you need both Tailwind & Boardbooster for Pinterest Marketing

Boardbooster vs tailwind features. Use them both as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. How to use tailwind and boardbooster to boost your blog traffic and Pinterest traffic!

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Pinterest has been a great social marketing tool for my blog. But the thing with Pinterest as with other Social Media sites is the need to constantly go on your feed daily and pin stuff manually. Ain’t no one got time for that!

Introducing Tailwindapp and BoardBooster. Two of the biggest Pinterest Marketing schedulers. I use both and they have been absolutely instrumental in my blog’s traffic spike and my Pinterest profile’s growth.

Let’s explore both, shall we?


Tailwind is the scheduler that is officially approved by Pinterest. I’ve been using this for about 6 months. Here are some standout features:

Scheduler with tailored timeslots

Pinterest tips. Tailwind Tips. How to use Boardbooster to improve your pinning strategy and Pinterest marketing

I love this as Tailwind analyzes your Pinterest feed and creates customized timeslots for you to post your pins. This way, you get the best results from your pins

Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest tips. Tailwind Tips. How to use Boardbooster to improve your pinning strategy and Pinterest marketing

Tribes are, in my opinion, exactly like group boards, except for an ‘accountability’ feature.

For each tribe you are a member of, you are shown the number of you own pins you’ve added as well as the number you’ve repinned from the tribe. This feature isn’t available in normal Pinterest group boards.

You used to only be able to join tribes via personal invitations, but Tailwind now has a new “find a tribe” feature which is very useful.

Currently, Tailwind users are limited to 10 tribes, but you are able to power up for more.



Board Lists

This is a very convenient feature. You group together boards according to a category of your choosing.

This is extremely helpful when you are part of many group boards and would like to pin something to all of them at once. When pinning, you can set time intervals between the pins.

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One of the strengths of Tailwind is its extensive analytics. You are able to see the performance of your pins and boards, track the number of repins and how popular each individual board is.

Tailwind even shows you what are your “most repinned pins” and “most repinned boards”. You are also able to monitor your own domain – pins on your own board or blog.

Tailwind helps track the number of pinners, the impressions, the number of repins. The analytics is just incredible and I’m sure the Tailwind team is working to bring us more features as we speak.


It’s only $9.99/month with the yearly plan (which is more worth it imo) and you get unlimited pins with it. You also get a $15 credit if you use my link. 


As an Android user, one of the downsides for me is that I can’t use Tailwind on my Pinterest app. It’s fine if you have an iPhone though.

However, they have a very nifty Google Chrome Extension that I can download and select many images to be pinned at one go. The slight inconvenience is that I still have to type out the names of individual boards.

Use my link and get your first month for free! Also, if you choose to upgrade after the free trial, you get $15 off your payment plan. 


BoardBooster is the other very popular automated Pinterest scheduling tool. I’ve used it for close to a year and have seen remarkable jumps in my traffic – both to my blog posts and to my Pinterest profile.

I highlight several key features which I love here:


This is the feature where you will be using the most and allows you to pin several days in advance, literally!

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When you sync your boards to BoardBooster,  it will create secret boards matching those boards. You can configure the number of pins you’d like to pin each day and the time range you want your pins to be posted.

Then all you have to do is scroll through your feed, pin pins to relevant boards and voila! Some people dislike the secret boards feature as they feel it clutters up their profile, but I personally don’t have an issue with this.


This feature allows you to pin something to different boards at different times and days.

These are the commonly used ones:

Boardbooster Tips - Random Campaign pins. How to use boardbooster to improve pinterest strategy

Boardbooster Tips - Scheduled Campaign pins. How to use boardbooster to improve pinterest strategy

I love campaigns. It allows me to pin a single source pin to different group boards and my own personal boards over a number of days. Since I have different categories for my blog posts, I set up my campaigns to correspond with the categories.

This is extremely useful if you have many pins and want to continuously promote them on different boards over a period of time. Campaigns automate the entire process for you.


This feature is great if you’ve got a really large number of pins on your boards (100s or so). It lets you repin the older pins which have been buried and allows followers to see your older content.

I’d probably start using this when I have a larger collection of pins.


Pinterest tips. BoardBooster Tips. How to use Boardbooster to improve your pinning strategy and Pinterest marketing

BB has a variety of reports – and the most useful one i find is the “best time to pin”. It gives you a repin rate and the times when your pins perform best.

Pinterest tips. BoardBooster Tips. How to use Boardbooster to improve your pinning strategy and Pinterest marketing

Other cool features

Pin Doctor, Pin Mover etc. Board Booster has other features there like Pin Doctor which fixes your pins (broken links etc). Pin Mover helps you split boards up or move pins to other boards according to a criteria that you set.

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I love that BoardBooster is affordable. God knows as bloggers we are already always paying for stuff left and right. You start with a free trial with 500 pins given to you. You can then upgrade after that. 500 pins for $5, 1000 pins for $10 and so on.


The thing I love about Board Booster is that I can go into my Pinterest App on my phone and start saving pins directly onto my secret boards.

Try out BoardBooster today and you can play around with the features I’ve just mentioned. Click here to get your first 500 pins absolutely free! I guarantee you’ll see huge jumps in your traffic very soon.

Tailwind and BoardBooster have been wonderful additions to many bloggers’ Pinterest strategy. Not only are they affordable, they free up time for you to get busy with other parts of your blogging journey. The analytics that both provides also allow you to monitor your blog’s performance as well as the performance of your pins.

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