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Personal Effectiveness

I write about a host of different personal effectiveness topics. From goal setting to time management to productivity and habits. I cover tips, reflections and research.  

Want to be more personally effective? Get time management, productivity and goal setting tips. Learn how to build better habits!
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Time Management & Productivity

I’m pretty obsessed with how to streamline my time management and productivity systems to make me a better and productive person. In this section I write alot about time management and productivity tips that sometimes don’t really come up in these blogs.

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Good Habits & Self-care

Habits maketh a person. Humans are very routine people – we find comfort in familiar, repetitive rituals. But do our habits serve us or keep us from attaining the life we want? It’s habits galore in this section!

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Goal Setting

Setting goals the right way is the key to determining whether you achieve them or not. You will find key posts on the goal setting process, why they are important, how to set them up; based on my own process and scientific research. I also talk a bit about the review/reflection process which is sometimes missing from goal setting.

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