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How to save money and be rich in your 20s [Part 4]

Need extra tips on how to save money in your 20s? Here are some personal finance ideas, tips on how to earn extra cash, frugal living, how to budget better. As well as tips on how to be rich in your 20s by managing your finances better, earning extra passive income through side hustles, investing tips and more. Start financial planning early, set smart financial goals and learn how to cultivate good financial habits today!

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In the last part of this series, I outline another 5 more financial habits you can start incorporating into your life today!

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Ladies – watch the beauty treatments and beauty products

We apparently spend a whooping $15,000 on beauty products in our lifetime! ($2,000 on eyeshadows, $3,000 on mascara!)  This article puts it higher at $300,000!

Whatever the number – it certainly isn’t small. We do spend tonnes on makeup, hair treatments, nail, skin treatments, anti-ageing creams and a laundry list of stuff.

Gosh I’m so guilty of this – always having unfinished tubes of foundation and concealer lying around and I will go out and buy a few more.

What I’m not saying is to completely stop getting treatments and buying yourself makeup. We all need to have abit of fun and indulge in self-love. If looking good makes you feel good – go for it! I always feel excited getting new makeup.

But what I’m saying is – it’s not necessary to make treatments and products – especially treatments –  a permanent part of our lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s also about investing in the right tools and doing it yourself. For instance, I love manicures and on the rare occasion would treat myself to a professional one, but mostly just have mine done at home. It’s a part of my self-care routine.

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Automate your payments

This is a behavioural finance trick. The respondents in the study were

Less likely to regret recurring transactions as they became used to seeing the transactions on their monthly statements

In fact, they were

10 percent more satisfied with recurring transactions compared to non-recurring ones.

Automatic payments are like car rents, loans, insurance and so on. Non-recurring, non-automatic payments are like our daily meals, coffee etc – which are more likely to be paid for in cash.

This is sort of a win-win arrangement if you think about it. Rent payments hurt a little less each month and you are less likely to spend on stuff that you are paying with cash.

Increase your income

We are living in a gig economy right now – one in which part-time or freelance work is starting to become a big thing in the world of work.

What this means is that there are plenty of ways for increasing your income.

Tutoring students (physically or online), virtual assistanting, survey testing, babysitting, dog-sitting, freelance writing. The list goes on really.

Another popular method?

Facing challenges in the area of your personal finance? Experiencing lots of money blocks and resistance? Use law of attraction techniques to start attracting more money. Money mindset tips available in this workshop and start seeing your wealth grow.

Starting a blog. This is one of the quickest ways to start building an income. This e-book here outlines all the steps you need from picking a host to branding to content creation and SEO.

You probably may not even need a blog – just a Pinterest account and signing up to be part of affiliate programs. There are tons out there, and you will definitely find one that suits your niche. You can then start pinning affiliate posts and see your passive income build up.

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Or, if you are a stay-at-home mom looking to work from home whilst you balance kids and other activities – check this course out. It gives great tips for crafting eye-catching resumes, knowing which job search sites to leverage and many more.

Leverage age milestones to accomplish financial goals

According to a study, people can change their financial habits and tend to do so nearer age milestones. Ie: 65, 30, 40.

People also tend to make big changes in life when they are approaching a new decade (29, 39, etc).

You can start doing this for yourself by making a list of what you want and need to accomplish, finance wise, in the months leading up to your own milestone birthdays.

Commit to your goals by setting up reminders in your calendar and letting other people know.

Don’t neglect your health

This seems like an opposite of what I’ve said so far. After all, if you live in a country like mine, health bills and dental bills are extremely expensive.

But, did you know that,

70% of deaths and morbity are largely lifestyle related and preventable. – Whatthehealthfilm

Eat healthy, stay active (mentally and physically) and go for those regular health check ups.

I know lots of people around me who prefer not to know what’s going on with their body. Well, all I can say is – ignorance isn’t bliss in this case!

Start paying attention to your health right now – your body and your wallet will thank you in future.

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Facing challenges in the area of your personal finance? Experiencing lots of money blocks and resistance? Use law of attraction techniques to start attracting more money. Money mindset tips available in this workshop and start seeing your wealth grow.


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