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6 Shockingly Common Ways You Have Not Been Showing Up in Your Life

Have you been showing up in your life and doing the things you've desired? Here are some common reasons why you've not being doing the things you so desire.
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Do you think you are living up to your fullest potential?

Yes? No? Maybe?

When my clients tell me of their following experiences:

  • Not being able to or feeling reluctant to speak up about something at work or in private
  • Staying in troubled relationships or friendships despite knowing how toxic the situation is for you
  • Feeling incapable and woefully inadequate about your capabilities even though others see what you can do and praise you for it
  • Refusing to accept opportunities that are handed to you/appears befo
  • Hiding yourself literally – be it with clothing or choosing spaces in the room to stand/sit at so people wouldn’t notice you

These are all signs that you might not have been showing up in life in ways that you could have.

I used to be someone who loved hiding myself and my talents away from others so that people couldn’t see who I was and what I could offer.

How did I do that?

I stayed in jobs which were clearly not doing anything for me

I felt held back, wasn’t doing much (hence wasn’t living up to my potential), had toxic colleagues and leaders which I put up with.

Although I knew deep down that it was time to go. Many times, my intuition would sound the alarm bell and tell me I should leave.

But I ignored it and stayed on.

That meant that I lost many opportunities – the opportunity to challenge myself in other roles, the opportunity for a higher pay and better treatment elsewhere, the opportunity to showcase what I was truly capable of.

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Staying in jobs that were no longer good for me also did a number on my self-esteem. The longer I stayed, the less confident I became – in myself and in my capabilities. I became afraid of leaving because I felt that no one out that could possibly accept me or offer me the type of wages or benefits I was looking for.

How ridiculous!

Many of us also keep ourselves small in many other ways and for many other reasons – to people please, make people more comfortable, because we fear failure (or success) and these things manifest in different ways for us.

I explore the ways we do not show up in life (and continuously keep ourselves small) in greater detail in this episode.

Don’t make yourself small so others feel more comfortable.

Rachel Hollis

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