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6 Inspirational Life-changing tips to help you survive Covid-19

6 inspirational life-changing tips to help you survive the covid-19 pandemic
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Has the past 9 months been such a whirlwind of stuff or what? I can hardly remember what I was doing before Covid-19 hit us all.

One minute we were celebrating the New Year’s, the next minute we were reading about rising community numbers about this strange virus. And very soon, it had spread all over the world.

And here we all are now. Surviving. Thriving.

So many things have changed for us – some good stuff, some bad stuff. But life as we knew it has changed and I don’t think we can ever go back to the pre-covid normal that we knew.

Thing are going to be confusing and uncertain from now on out. We are all feeling our way out, coping, grieving losses of all forms, wishing for life to get back on its feet.

As humans, we’ve never had to experience anything like that before. And it’s a whole new way of life we’ve all had to navigate. It’s going to be a rough ride, but we will make it through.

The one life lesson that has kept me going through this pandemic? A HUGE dose of gratitude.

And I mean HUGE.

I’ve never been one to write gratitude lists or feel appreciative of things daily. I do from time to time. But as with you and everyone else in the world, as humans we do tend to take things for granted.

If anything, I feel grateful that I have a job, with so many careers and livelihoods crumbing around me…I feel embarrassed that I get to keep my job and guilty that I wasn’t more appreciative of it.

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I was grateful for life. For the very fact that I could wake up each morning in my messy room and give thanks for another day that I could live.

Life is a … privilege. I was reminded of this poignant quote by the late Hollywood actor, Cary Grant:

There’s no point in being unhappy about growing older. Just think about the millions who’ve been denied this privilege.

Cary Grant

There’s no point in being unhappy about my life or my job. There have been thousands, millions who have been denied this privilege during this pandemic.

Gratitude. The biggest life lesson and takeaway for me during this pandemic.

I talk about 5 other inspirational takeaways and life lessons in my debut podcast episode, along with 6 key tips for surviving the days ahead.

The future is still pretty uncertain and we aren’t sure when is this truly gonna end.

So let’s hang in there shall we? There is light at the end of the tunnel for us all. 🙂

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