#SingleSessionCoaching: 1-on-1 Personal Growth Consultations

#SingleSessionCoaching: 1-on-1 Personal Growth Consultations

Do you feel low on self-confidence and need some help to rebuild your relationship with yourself?

Are you having challenges understanding the conflicts you face in your friendships or why you seem to not be able to attract fun, healthy romanti partners?

Is there a particular colleague’s behaviour that is bothering you and that you require some help with navigating?

Do you have difficulties finding the meaning and purpose in your life and you feel like it’s holding you back?

We have all had challenges in our lives – it could be a big one like figuring out your life purpose, or it could be something a little smaller – like how to navigate a situation at work.

Yes, we can Google for some solutions, talk to our friends and try to handle it on our own (or just ignore it and hope it goes away), but sometimes all is required is a third person’s perspective.

I am that third person for you. I’ve been listening to people’s life challenges for close to a decade now, and have an uncanny ability to zero in on what the issues are for you and selecting a suite of tools and strategies you can use to tackle your situation.

I combine techniques across various fields – psychology, psychotherapy, chakra healing, spirituality, theatre and sports to create a tailored solution just for you.

Types of questions that I will NOT answer:

  • Mental/Physical Health
  • Legal Issues
  • Finances
  • Questions that have to do with others’ behaviour (i.e. How do I get my ex back, Why did she cut me off, Does he like me etc). I don’t deal with third parties’ behaviour as they are not the ones writing in, and the situation may be skewed by your perspective of it, making my advice inaccurate. 

Note: Please seek professional help for the above if you need it. I am not a licensed Psychotherapist, nor a practicing medical or legal professional. I reserve my right to not go ahead with our session (and will refund your payment) if I deem your issue beyond my scope of guidance.

How this works

  1. Click on the button to make a payment
  2. Once the payment goes through, I will send you a personalised email containing instructions (Please be patient as I’m a one-woman business!)
  3. Reply to the email with your question. Keep it to 500 words. Anything above and I will ask you to resend your question
  4. I will give you a response in 3-7 working days. This will be in the form of an email and/or audio notes. I will dissect your situation and offer you some tools + techniques that you can start making use of.

Note: If you submit a question that falls in the “types of questions I will not answer” category, I will give you a refund minus $4 of admin fees. So please be discerning before you submit your question and contact me if you have any questions!

***No Refund Policy**

Due to the nature of online business and digital downloads, there are no refunds on my coaching sessions for any reason whatsoever. Once you buy it, it’s yours. You are paying for my expertise, time, energy, and years of study and practice, not just for the information I am giving you. If you are unsure if my coaching is the right for you, do drop me a comment below this post or DM me on Instagram and ask all the questions you need to before you proceed. 🙂


I am not responsible for any decisions you make based on working with me. Take what resonates with you in my advice and leave the rest. Your fate and destiny is in your own hands! I can hold space for you and show you to the way, but ultimately it’s you who decides what to do with your life 🙂