Refund Policy

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for any digital downloads on Abstracted Collective.

Due to the nature of online business and digital downloads, there are no refunds on any of the items below – books, guides, workbooks, 1-on-1 sessions for any reason whatsoever. 

Once you buy/book it, it’s yours. You are paying for my expertise, time, energy, and years of study and practice, not just for the information I am giving you.

If you are unsure if my books/coaching etc is right for you, do email me and ask all the questions you need to before you proceed.

Duplicate Payments

Any duplicate payments or purchases made will have an additional administrative cost deducted from your final payment when I refund you. This is because the payment gateway (Stripe) and your credit card company deducts a processing fee from me when you make a payment which usually cannot be reversed, which means that I’m incurring more charges on my end.

The admin fee is at $2 for any products $10 and below and $5 for any products anove $10.01. 

For example, you purchase an item at $7.99 from my shop and made 2 payments. I will refund you ($7.99-$2 = $5.99)

If you purchase an item at $35 from my shop, you will be refunded ($35-$5 = $30)

By making a purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions that I’ve set out above.