#BonaFideBiz: A safe space for small-biz owners who want to run an authentic, heart-centred business

#BonaFideBiz: A safe space for small-biz owners who want to run an authentic, heart-centred business

Are you constantly buying courses, workbooks and signing up for webinars by entrepreneurs, with the promise that their strategy works, but when you try it, it never does?

Are you feeling confused and lost as to the gazillion number of “rules” the online business world seems to have for business success, and aren’t sure if they are actuallly right for you?

Are you tired of the constant content creation cycle, constantly having to rack your brain for blog posts, social media captions and template designs that you are starting to hate your business?

Are you absolutely sick and tired of the social media algorithm circus that has you constantly anxious and stressing out about what content to create and seeing low engagement on everything you’ve put out?

I feel you. I’ve been and done all of that, several times now in my past 8 years running my own online business.

I bought the books, expensive workshops, Ultimate Bundles, signed up for dozens of webinars and subscribed to email newsletters, constantly learning new things, implementing new strategies and being promised all sorts of things by entrepreneurs – but nothing worked.

Do you know why? The minute you start operating from a place of fear, lack and limiting beliefs, and allow yourself to be dictated to by “entrepreneurs” – each one of them telling you their strategy is the one to launch you into millionaire status…when you allow your entire biz and mental health to be reliant on Mark Zuckerburg’s platforms…is when you will never see the success that you desire.

Running a business isn’t all just about the best strategy and get-rich-quick schemes. The fastest way to earning money and doing what you love is having the courage to own up to who you are as a person. Because the minute your personal values align with your business, the minute you allow your personality and authenticity to shine through, is when you will start to see your business shift massively.

I started seeing massive success in my business when I started owning up to what I love, allowing my values and personality to infuse every part of my business and started having the courage to tell people what I do. The audience started coming (PS: that’s how you build your tribe), the ideas started flowing and yes, my income grew.

What I will share with you is counterintuitive and unique, but it absolutely works. And I want you to experience my success – and the key to it is to run your business on your own terms.

How will the session be conducted:

We are gonna be discussing every part of your business mindset, in a very big and we will do a couple of writing, visualising and guided meditation exercises to unpack where your mindset blocks are, why you are holding yourself back and how to start aligning youreslf with the business that you want. We will dive deep within you and understand what makes you tick, what you are passionate about, what you fear, then we will talk business strategy.

These are ideally two-session arrangements, but if you feel you need more, do get in touch and more sessions can be arranged at a discounted price! 🙂

Types of questions that I will NOT answer:

  • Predictive types of questions: I.e. Will I be successful in 3 years, Can I make 6 figures very soon, Is this niche the right one for me?

Note: I do not offer any guarantees of business success (i.e. You will definitely make 6 figures with what I teach you). I do not offer a specific strategy, but I draw on close to 10 years of my own experience building my own business to guide you in aligning your personal values with your business strategy. I do not believe in get-rich-quick strategies that alot of online marketers and “business people” are selling you, doing business is hard work and requires smart strategising and lots of trial and error. You’ve got to be willing to put in the effort and time. If you are hoping to become a 6-figure entrepreneur overnight and quit your day-job, then we aren’t a good fit.

How this works

  1. Click on the button to make a payment
  2. Once the payment goes through, I will send you a personalised email containing instructions (Please be patient as I’m a one-woman business!)
  3. Reply to the email with your question. Keep it to 700 words. Anything above and I will ask you to resend your question
  4. I will give you a response in 3-7 working days. This will include typically include some writing “homework”, strategy sessions, guided visualisations, meditations and more tools that I deem suitable.

Note: If you submit a question that falls in the “types of questions I will not answer” category, I will give you a refund minus $4 of admin fees. So please be discerning before you submit your question and contact me if you have any questions!

***No Refund Policy**

Due to the nature of online business and digital downloads, there are no refunds on my coaching sessions for any reason whatsoever. Once you buy it, it’s yours. You are paying for my expertise, time, energy, and years of study and practice, not just for the information I am giving you. If you are unsure if my coaching is the right for you, do drop me a comment below this post or DM me on Instagram and ask all the questions you need to before you proceed. 🙂


I am not responsible for any decisions you make based on working with me. Take what resonates with you in my advice and leave the rest. Your fate and destiny is in your own hands! I can hold space for you and show you to the way, but ultimately it’s you who decides what to do with your life 🙂