Work With Me

  • Are you struggling to achieve all your goals in your life?
  • Are you constantly finding love in all the wrong places and can’t understand why?
  • Are you struggling with your self esteem and constantly feel lost and purposeless?
  • Are you carrying around bad habits and beleifs that are holding yo back from what you truly want in life?

I know what it is like to have this burning desire inside of me and yet struggle to make it happen because of my beliefs and thought patterns.

To go through life feeling low, lost and confused.

To end up in one toxic relationship after another, one hellish job after another, putting yourself further and further away from your dream life.

This is because no one ever helped you figure out that what is really holding you back lies within you. And that you are incredibly capable of doing whatever you put your heart and mind to.

I can help! With my background and my natural curiosity in people and relationships, I have a deep understanding of human behaviour and have helped many people get clear on their goals, wants and desires. I’ve helped clients and readers make changes in their life and careers and have helped them realise why their relationships aren’t working for them. As a research interviewer, I am skilled in actively listening, observing and asking the right questions to get down to the crux of what is really bothering you.

I am often told that I offer incredibly clear and inspiring advice to people and my clients come away feeling motivated, encouraged and ready to make those changes that they have always wanted to.

I love working with people just like you!

There is nothing more satisfying to me than hearing that a client is starting to feel better about herself, that she is working on herself and right on the path towards her dreams.

I have a very compassionate yet no-BS sort of style, combining a spiritual, heart-centred method with actionable tools. So if this sounds like what you’d like, do get in touch!

Let’s declutter all that mental and emotional baggage together and get you right on the path of your dream life.

Due to the pandemic, new coaching sessions are now free. Click on the link below, describe your issue in 100 words or less and you will receive some quick tools and solutions to move you forward.

Not ready for that yet?