The Ultimate Guide to Personal Growth (Updated list of posts)

Just beginning your personal growth and development journey and looking for helpful posts, tips and strategies? Check up my constantly updated list of posts! Self-esteem, mindset, success strategies, productivity, goal-setting, time management, spirituality, law of attraction, romance, relationships, friendships, habits and so much more!
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Welcome to Abstracted Collective, where you will find my writings on anything personal development. Romance, friendships, productivity, goal setting, self esteem, happiness, spirituality etc etc. You will find a list below which is regularly updated.

My posts are usually driven be a huge desire to understand the human psyche. Our needs, motivations, what makes one successful in one area or all areas of life, understanding and shedding our mental, psychological and emotional baggage. I am also driven by a need to understand my own thoughts, beliefs and the life journey I am on. Occasionally I turn these reflections into posts.  

Relationships | Self-esteem & Happiness | Productivity & More |Life & Spiritual Musings | Goal Setting |

Relationships: love, romance and friendships

I seek to answer questions like what is love? How is one successful in love? I also explore my feelings, thoughts and experiences on the psychological and emotional baggage present in romance and friendships.

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Self-esteem and happiness

A topic that is very close to my heart, having had low self-esteem for most of my life, a lot of these posts are based on my reflections and

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Productivity, time management, energy management & cultivating habits

I write about a host of different personal effectiveness topics. From goal setting to time management to productivity and habits. I cover tips, reflections and research.  

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Musings on life, spirituality and LOA

My reflections on the life journey I’m on and my exploration of the spiritual side of things.

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Goal setting

You will find key posts on the goal setting process, why they are important, how to set them up; based on my own process and scientific research.

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