Wondering how to deal with criticisms, negativity and insults from a place of high self-esteem? In this post, I talk about some quick tips in dealing with putdowns from people and exploring why people may say hurtful things to you.
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“Gosh, you have majorly let yourself go, you used to look so slim and pretty, whatever happened?!”

Do you think that was a normal comment or a put-down?

If you went with put-down, you are right! And if you were confused, that’s normal too.

Lots of put-downs sound very innocuous at first, but are actually disguised insults.

In this post, we explore what putdowns are and how to deal with them in a confident, assertive manner.

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7 Inspiring TED Talks that will make you feel Happier


Want quick happiness tips from scientists and psychologists? Check out these 7 Ted Talks and change how you view your life and happiness.

Want to feel amazingly happy right this instant? Check out these 7 Ted Talks for quick tips to boost your happiness levels.

Feeling the weight of life upon your shoulders and finding it hard to feel happy?

Do you wake up each morning filled with dread about the day ahead of you?

Unable to pick up your spirits after an incredibly nasty meeting with the Boss?

We feel you.

And the good news is…we’ve found the solution for you.

We rounded up some of the most inspiring, positive and uplifting TED talks.

Each video is less than 25 minutes long, and is the perfect quick pick me up to inspire you when you are down in the dumps.

So, grab a coffee, get comfortable and let’s dive into those happy feels!