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Success Mindset: Studies Work & Biz

Whilst I am a full time employee, I am also a part time student and a full time blogger and business owner. In this section, I detail my personal observations on working life and include career tips. I am also obsessed about study techniques and include alot of what I have found to be effective study tips and tricks.

I also talk about the ease (or not) of doing business online and how to start a blog business. Whilst there are tons of how to blog better articles and websites out there, I write alot about what people don’t like to write about – the ugly side of doing biz and how challenging it can be. I also write about doing business the intuitiive way – listening to what your gut tells you to do over all these online gurus out there.

Underlying all of that is the success mindset, which I am very into. What divides the successful from the mediocre? The insanely productive from the perpetual procrastinator? What habits do successful people have? I reflect on that here too.

Are you looking to be more successful in your studies, career and your business? Curious as to what separates the successful from the mediocre? This section provides tips, tricks and reflections on how to be more successful in life.
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Study Tips and Techniques

Career Success & Tips

Success Mindset

Intuitive Business – How to use your intuition to be more successful in your biz

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