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Starter Coaching Sessions

Hello loves!

Thanks for watching my Mini Masterclass on Creating Your Dream Life! And here you are ready to take the next step in figuring out how to get to where you REALLY want to be in life!

Send up to 400 words on your topic of choice. It could be anything. Perhaps you have troubles setting goals, you struggle with procrastination/sticking to good habits/time management, you feel aimless and lost in life, your self-esteem is affecting you or you facing issues in your friendships/love life. Etc. Anything.

I’ll send you back a detailed analysis of what’s going on with next steps and some simple practical tools you can start making use of today!  

Each session costs US$19.99 (approx €18.50). You will receive more instructions once your payment has been processed.

I’m so happy that you are on board and that you are ready to pursue the stuff that you’ve always wanted to have in your life. And I’m so happy to be on this journey with you, guiding you to where you want to be!

Here’s to your dream life!

🙂 x

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