Spiritual Wellness

  • Do you make time in the day for some form of spiritual practice – be it affirmations, writing in a gratitiude journal, meditating etc?
  • Are your values, ethics, goals in line with the decisions you make day to day, hour to hour?
  • Are you aware of your life’s purpose – what is it?

What is spiritual wellness? It is the process of understanding our life’s purpose, values, beliefs, mission, goals, ethics and discovering our passion. These serve as a guide to how we lead our lives, make decisions, approach relationships, our work ethic and morals. It is said that most of us spend a lot of our lives trying to determine the purpose and meaning of our existence. Sometimes, unhappiness is caused when our inner values and outer actions come into conflict with one another.

How is your Spiritual Wellness?

Need help figuring out your life's purpose and passion? Want to declutter and practice mindfulness? Come in for tips on increasing your spiritual wellness.
How are you spiritually?

Declutter your Life

Have you heard of this saying? Outer order inner calm. Clutter comes with a lot of baggage – both literally and figuratively. Having too many things pile up around us causes stress, confusion and dredges up lots of emotions. Decluttering helps to not only to clear stuff from our lives – but also our minds. With that said, we take a look at the areas you can declutter in your life – and your mind – but also handy tips to guide you through the process.

How to find passion and purpose in your life

Trying to figure out your life’s purpose and follow your passion can be hard. It can feel terrifying when we don’t know what our life’s purpose and passion is and how do we begin to even start figuring all of that out. finding your purpose and passion is the focus of this section.

Mindfulness & Self Care

The path to spiritual wellness may involve meditation, prayer, prayer or using specific spiritual practices to achieve a connection to a ‘higher power’. Some of this also involves the study of mindfulness practices. Mindfulness in a nutshell is about being conscious and aware, being intentioned, being present and grounded. In this age, being busy and rushing around is the norm, it is seen as cool and we carry our busy badges around with pride. But that results in us just living one minute to the next, going from task or one meeting to the other without much consciousness about what we are actually doing, what is in our surroundings at the moment. We lead lives that are frenzied, full of activity and this generates quite abit of anxiety for many of us. I’m a strong proponent of being mindful and being present and how that actually introduces an inner calm in your life which then enables you to have the peace of mind to focus on what you are doing and to do it really well.

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