Solopreneur 2 Success Beta Testers | ABSTRACTED COLLECTIVE

Solopreneur 2 Success Beta Testers

Are you Experiencing the Following?

  • Overwhelmed and confused over the (at times) contradictory information out there?
  • Spent too much money and time buying and poring over e-books and e-courses which have gotten you nowhere?
  • Feeling incompetent and lacking the confidence in your abilities to start a business or take the next step?
  • You have already set up a business but you have hit a roadblock and are not seeing the success and profits?
  • You feel lost and have no idea what is missing from your business and cannot figure it out on your own
  • Learning alone does not help as you are unable to figure out the information on your own, you wish for a learning process that breaks things down into bite-sized chunks with a community of fellow learners together with you in the same boat, supporting one another!  

Everyone ought to be able to build a successful, thriving business.

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Are you ready to put the success of your biz in your own hands?

Together let’s build and create a course just for you! Design your learning process in a way that guarantees you success! 

Provide your feedback in exchange for a 70% off the course and lifetime access no matter how much content is added

I care about your business and want to see you successful! 

Gold Membership

Setting up Your domain & website

Choosing themes & images

Designing your own media in Canva

Introduction to email marketing

Getting started on social media & more!

Platinum Membership

Increasing traffic to your site

Content Creation


Sales funnels 

What to write in emails & more!

Diamond Membership

Advanced strategies

Expanding your business 

Social media strategies

Building up your confidence and resilience in business

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The Solo-preneuring 2 Success Beta-Testing Plan

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What will life look like after this

Be prepared to feel in control of your business by putting the learning process right in your hands. Determine your own learning path! Instead of purchasing books for courses whose content you have NO CONTROL over or spending money on something that you are unsure you will get value from; get in the driver’s seat for your success! 

Create the course YOU WANT in ways which will definitely benefit your business! Surround yourself with a like-minded community that will have your back when things get down, share strategies when you hit roadblocks and who will celebrate all your wins together!

Say goodbye to business strategies and habits that aren’t working for you and are bringing down your biz. Say goodbye to all those feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion and to confidence and clarity in your business. Your success is in your hands!

Let’s Do It Together!

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