Relationships: Love & Friendships | ABSTRACTED COLLECTIVE

Relationships: Love & Friendships

I seek to answer questions like what is love? How is one successful in love? I also explore my feelings, thoughts and experiences on the psychological and emotional baggage present in romance and friendships.

Our society talks about love all the time, but happy,healthy friendships are also vital to our happiness and growth. I include friendship advice and tips – how to spot red flags in friendships, how to have more meaningful friendships and all sorts of tips and advice.

Ahh romance. Love is never always straightforward but it doesn’t have to be as painful and as complicated as we make them out to be. Here I unpack alot of the baggage we experience in romance, muse about my romantic experiences and offer tips on building stronger, more loving and happier relationships.

In this section, I write about how to keep a friendship strong, building meaningful friendships and how to date smart and handle relationships. How to spot red flags.
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Love & Romance

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