Modules (Pin2Success Course) | ABSTRACTED COLLECTIVE

Modules (Pin2Success Course)

Module 1: The Ins and Outs of Pinterest

Get to know what Pinterest is all about and how it all works

  1. What is Pinterest?
  2. Why Pinterest?
  3. How does it work? 
  4. What does Pinterest want from you?
  5. Do niches matter?
  6. Pinterest Search
  7. Pinterest SEO & why is it important
  8. [Bonus] What should you remember about it? (Habits)

Module 2: Setting Up Your Profile

Step by step guide to setting up your business profile, understanding followers and boards

  1. Setting up your profile
  2.  Setting up a biz account. See pinterest instructions
  3. Your boards. (Secret boards)
  4. Group boards
  5. Your followers and following
  6. Your home page
  7. [Bonus] How to find group boards and ensure which ones are good?
  8. [Bonus] How to write to group board authors 
  9. [Bonus] How to keep track of group boards
  10. [Bonus] How to keep track of personal boards

Module 3: Combining Your Website & Pinterest

Understanding the links between your Business site & Pinterest

  1. What is your business about?
  2. Do you need a website?
  3. How are you intending to show up on Pinterest & Your Business Site?
  4. What is the user experience on your site?
  5. Pinning from Pinterest to website

Module 4: What makes a perfect pin?

Learn the elements of what makes pins go viral

  1. Anatomy of a good pin
  2. Images: Stock or photos? Where to find them?
  3. Headings & Titles
  4. Pin Descriptions
  5. Keywords: What are they and how to use them
  6. [Bonus] Demo of what great pins look like on my homefeed

Module 5: Your pinning strategy

Step by step guide on how to set up a pinning strategy that fits your schedule

  1. Manual Pinning
    1. How to track it?
    2. Hub boards & Spoke boards
  2. Paid pinning: Tailwind
  3. Pros and cons of manual vs paid
  4. [Bonus Pinning Strategy]: Batch pinning from Pinterest
  5. [Bonus pinning strategy 2]: Pin from Canva
  6. [Bonus pinning strategy 3]: IFTTT Pro

Module 6: Pinterest Analytics

Understand how Pinterest & Google analytics work together

  1. How to understand Pinterest analytics + how to link to google analytics
  2. [Bonus]: Excel sheet for list of pins + pin performance 
  3. [Bonus]: How to design one in Canva
  4. [Bonus Module]: A peek at how I create pins in 10 mins or less