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Limerence Consulting Slot – Thank you!

Hello! I’m excited to be able to help you kickstart your consulting/coaching session with me. Here are some instructions:

  1. Book a slot with me using the scheduler below and please do input an email address that is valid and that you would like to receive emails on
  2. Once that is done, I will drop you an email at the address you’ve indicated above. Please then go ahead and describe your situation. Please be as descriptive as possible, as I’d be providing advice based on the information that you’ve given to me in the email. I won’t be emailing you multiple times for clarifications.
  3. I will use the slot that you’ve booked to craft a reply to you and email it back. This exchange consistutes ONE email session. If you have booked more, you can go ahead and book another slot in my calendar (I will be providing the link for you in the email reply) for further sessions