Heal decades of limerent pain in just a few days

Written to help you heal the pain of an intense crush, regain your confidence and find healthier love.

"Helped me understand why crushing on unavailable men were so painful for me. I was trapped in a limerent cycle". - Jess A

In this book, you will find
  • The emotional, cognitive and neurochemical reasons that make up limerence
  • The key factors that reinforce your limerence state
  • How celebrity worship is a form a limerence
  • How limerence affects your romantic life and day-to-day living
  • The strategies you can start using immediately to start healing
  • and much more!

No longer have to pay for expensive therapy with therapists that have no idea what you are going through

Read in privacy. No longer feeling ashamed or embarassed at having to tell people what you are going through.

Get deep to the root of your pain, heal and uncover a new life for yourself. 

Say goodbye to emotionally unavailable people who don't reciprocate your love. Make space in your life for someone who will return your affections and love

"Reading this book made me aware of my poor self-esteem and worthlessness..a void which crushes filled...Am taking steps to find renewed purpose in my life!". - Laura H

I’ve got a confession to make – I’ve been limerent for different people for a good part of my life. It was always either a boy at school or a celebrity. I had no idea that the emotional highs and lows were due to limerence – a concept coined by American Psychologist Dorothy Tennov in the 1970s. If you’ve ever felt anxious around someone you like, have obsessive intrusive thoughts about them, spent much of your day fantasising about them or staring at their photos and experiencing emotional highs and lows depending on how they treat you – then yes you are limerent for someone. 

Can it be healed?ABSOLUTELY. I'm living proof of it. But you've got to want to stop the limerent cycle and start taking charge of your life. This book shows you exactly how. Grab it and start healing now! 

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