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Life Academy Beta Testers

Are you Experiencing the Following?

  • Overwhelmed and confused over the (at times) contradictory information out there?
  • Spent too much money and time buying and poring over e-books and e-courses which have gotten you nowhere?
  • Feeling incompetent and unsure what exactly you need to do next in your career, relationships and life?
  • You have so many dreams and goals but have no idea how to get to them, you don’t truly believe you can? 
  • You feel trapped in relationships and friendships that do not seem to be working for you but you are you unsure how to change things?
  • Learning alone does not help as you are unable to figure out the information on your own, you wish for a learning process that breaks things down into bite-sized chunks with a community of fellow learners together with you in the same boat, supporting one another!  

Everyone ought to be able to live the life that they crave and desire. 

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Are you ready to put your life and your personal growth in your own hands?

Together let’s build and create courses just for your needs! Design your learning process in a way that ensures you get the most learning and experience life-altering behavioural changes that you are looking forward to!

Provide your feedback in exchange for a 70% off the course and lifetime access no matter how much content is added

Courses on offer: 

Build Your Self-Esteem
Pattern Breaking
Goodbye Inner Critic! 
Be a dating & relationship Pro
Slay all your goals (mini-course)
Successful Self-care (mini-course)

    I care about your personal growth and want to see you lead the life you want! 

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    The Life Architect Academy Beta-Testing Plan

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    What will life look like after this

    Get ready to feel in control of your life by putting the learning process and self-growth journey in your own hands. Instead of struggling to figure things out on your own, spending time piecing together information from different sources or spending money on resources that do not get you the results you want. 

    Create and build the course you DESIRE and which will definitely benefit your life journey. Apply the learning strategies you’ve decided works for you and see the changes you desire in your life and personal growth! 

    Say goodbye to habits that aren’t working for you and are bringing down your life. Say goodbye to all those feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion and hello to confidence and clarity. Your life journey is in your hands!

    Let’s Do It Together!

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