How to Attract & Manifest More Love: The Essential Heart Chakra Guide

How to Attract & Manifest More Love: The Essential Heart Chakra Guide

How to Attract & Manifest More Love & Self-Love into your Life: An Essential Guide to Healing your Heart Chakra

A Guide and Workbook consisting of Journal Prompts, Tarot Spread and ideas on how to heal your Heart Chakra from within and attract more love and self-love into your life.

*Currently calling for beta-readers for this soon-to-be-launched Guide! Going at $8.99 (50% discount) in exchange for your feedback, gain any future updates, expanded content, meditation etc FOR FREE.

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Why we have been struggling with our love/self-love

In part due to our modern living and the many forms of emotional and psychological baggage we carry around, many of us have wounds and blocks to our heart chakra. This results in difficulties attracting the romance we want, issues with emotional expression and loving ourselves.

This guide will help you change all of that today.

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Get to know the 4 Big Blocks to your heart chakra and how this is stopping love from coming in
  • Re-connect with yourself and your self-love journey
  • Form deeper connections with your emotions
  • Grab more than 20 spiritual and non-spiritual tools to unblock your heart chakra
  • Work through and reflect on your own personal journey with Love using the 24 journal prompts
  • Use the tarot/oracle spread to gain a deeper spiritual insight into your heart chakra journey

What happens after you purchase:

  1. Once your payment is verified, you will receive an email with the Beta-reader Agreement, Testimonial Link and Guide Link *Please do give me up to 12 hours to send this across as I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, a few timezones away from majority of you!
  2. You will be given 14 days to give your comments and write up a review
  3. Give me some time to collate all comments and your pretty Guide will be with you within 3-4 weeks!

***No Refund Policy**

Due to the nature of online business and digital downloads, there are no refunds on this Guide for any reason whatsoever. Once you buy it, it’s yours. You are paying for my expertise, time and energy, not just for the information I am giving you. If you are unsure if this guide is right for you, do drop me a comment below this post or DM me on Instagram and ask all the questions you need to before you proceed. 🙂