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14 things bloggers don’t tell you about blogging [Part 1]

Wondering how to start a blog? Stuck and looking for blogging tips but always finding contradictory, confusing information? In this 3-part series, I share 14 truths about blogging, and debunk several myths that have been floating around about blogging that bloggers just don’t tell you. There is some great stuff out there but also some really misleading and downright dishonest information that some bloggers pass off as truth. What are they? Read on!

Having spent about close to 2 months away from my blog and the blogging sphere, some realisations have surfaced for me.

My blogging journey hasn’t been an extremely long one – 3 years give and take – but it has been a very eventful one.

I consider it a great part of my personal growth – it was part of my “opening up” and putting my voice out there. It also allowed me to be creative and to write whatever I felt strongly for.

But the entire process wasn’t all that easy.

There were plenty of mistakes made, time wasted and plenty of (unnecessary) money wasted. 

The blogging world can be hard to navigate. As a rookie blogger, who do you take advice from? How do you know what you are doing is right? 

You will come to realise alot of information can be contradictory and you’ll also see some of the “dark sides” of blogging. People pitching sub-par products and giving advice that is not only unhelpful, but downright dishonest. 

There are great bloggers with great products and advice out there, but sometimes it can be difficult to discern them from the rest of the crowd. 

In this 3-part series, I talk about 14 different things that I’ve come to realise about blogging. Yes, most of them aren’t gonna be super positive. But I do feel that some things need to be said. 

These are my personal experiences and are not in any way framed as facts. 

Presenting Part 1! 



7 free blogging tools for beginners and 7 resources for beginner bloggers. Use these to start your blog today! Also 2 of the best blogging resources that offer you the best blogging tips just for you to start your blog. Affiliate marketing tips, Pinterest tips, social media tips, how to start a blog tips and so much more!

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Are you a beginner blogger?

Or have you always been thinking of setting up a website, but you don’t know what to do or where to start?
I was in your shoes not too long ago.
When I started my blogging journey, I scoured the net for recommendations on blogging tools and resources people have used in their journeys
For months, I signed up for A TON of ebooks and courses. Some were free and some weren’t. So I burnt a HUGE hole in my pocket. As it turns out with these things, courses/ebooks that provide alot of value are few and far between. There were many that were a complete waste of money to be honest. 
I still can’t believe how some bloggers can price their products at $100 or more and yet offer buyers little to no value. Anyway, that was a huge learning curve and I now have a very clear picture of what is good and what isn’t.
And today I’m sharing all that with you. My honest experiences, recommended tools and resources that beginner bloggers need. 
I’m doing this for you because I know how confusing and tricky it is for beginner bloggers. I’ve been there. And it’s hard having to figure out whether you need something or whether a certain course/ebook is really worth the money.
In the first part of this series, I introduce the top blogging tools and resources you’d need to get your blogging journey going.
Let’s get started!



Boardbooster vs tailwind features. Use them both as part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. How to use tailwind and boardbooster to boost your blog traffic and Pinterest traffic!

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Pinterest has been a great social marketing tool for my blog. But the thing with Pinterest as with other Social Media sites is the need to constantly go on your feed daily and pin stuff manually. Ain’t no one got time for that!

Introducing Tailwindapp and BoardBooster. Two of the biggest Pinterest Marketing schedulers. I use both and they have been absolutely instrumental in my blog’s traffic spike and my Pinterest profile’s growth.

Let’s explore both, shall we?


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Blogging Tools and Courses


The Best blogging tools resources and courses for beginner bloggers. How to start a blog, SEO tips, Affiliate marketing tips, Ebooks, E-courses, social media tips, pinterest tips, which webhosts to use and so much more!

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This list is made up of the tools and courses that I’ve used in my journey as a blogger, and have been extremely helpful to me.

After spending several months researching, trying out different methods/courses and spending quite abit of money (some TOTALLY worth it, some not so), I’ve come up with a list of blogging tools and courses that would be ideal for you – especially if you are just starting off as a blogger.

But some of these can also be used if you are further along in your blogging journey. The recommended tools cover almost everything you would need as a blogger.