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Let me start by telling you a story about Sophie.

I know that Sophie wake up everyday, groaning. There hasn’t really been a single day that she wakes up feeling excited. Why? Cause waking up means going to that dreadful job. It means running for the train and squeezing in with hundreds, thousands of other commuters to make that stressful rush to get in to work before 9am.

Rinse and repeat. Sophie wonders if life is meant to be like this. Just the same thing day after day with nothing much to look forward to.

When she was younger, she dreamt of big things, huge things!

She wanted to run her own business. She wanted a healthy bank balance. She wanted to be able to travel whenever she wanted. She wanted freedom, happiness, confidence. She wanted a fantastic day to day life. She wanted to be around great people.

But why couldn’t I have achieve all that, Sophie wonders. Well, for starters, I don’t have great courage or confidence in pursuing what I want. I have so many fears and limiting beliefs. I don’t think I will ever make it.

I feel confused and lost – I don’t know where to start. I sometimes find it hard to pick myself out of the negativity and unhappiness I feel.

I constantly feel frustrated and annoyed with myself. I know what to do, but I’m just not doing it. I can’t seem to plan my time well, despite all the planners I’ve bought. I know all about setting goals but can’t seem to bring myself to do them. I am not as productive as I want to be.

I’d like to be able to make better friends or date better people. After all, the people we surround ourselves with have a huge effect on our emotional and mental well-being as well as the quality of our lives. But why am I always stuck with people whom I don’t feel really good being around?

Do you see bits of yourself in Sophie?

I did.

Want to go from feeling all that you feel right now to feeling amazing, more confident, more courageous, more positive and happier about every area of your life?

I can help you with that transformation.

Who this site is for:

This site for YOU. Yes, You.

You – the unconventional, passionate go-getter and dreamer. You are intelligent. You are saavy. You make things happen. You chase your dreams relentlessly. You don’t give up. You call your own shots. You want to live differently. You want the best life for yourself. And you believe your life and destiny is yours to build.

The Dreamers. Designers. Architects. Builders. You are all welcome on-board.


The purpose of my blog, my products and my coaching services is to help you shift your mindset, build your self-esteem, deal with toxic habits and people so that you can successfully create change from within and achieve the goals you have in any area of your life.

Combining my background a Psychology Researcher, a licensed NLP practitioner, a Neuroscience student and my experiences as a sportsperson and in the consulting industry, I will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

It is my hope that through your interactions with me, you start to realise the ways in which your habits, your experiences and most importantly your mind is playing tricks on you, convincing you that you should be just like anyone else in society, that you deserve less, that what you want is too big a risk and you will never attain it.

As a mindset strategist, I will help you unpack the psychological, subconscious and emotional baggage behind the decisions and choices in your life. I talk about the struggles you face – as I face them too – and deliver strategies, motivation to get you where you want to be. You will feel better, think more clearly, have healthier habits and most of all, start living life on your own terms.

What can you do?

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