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Inspiration and information without personal application will never amount to transformation. – Lysa Terkeurst (Author of Uninvited).

What was your dream when you were 8?

Was it to be an astronaut? A teacher? A social worker? A politician? Was it to have kids and a wonderful family? Was it to travel the world?

They say that your dreams are planted when you were a young child.

I can’t say I disagree.

All of us had dreams. But many of us fall off the path a little and get distracted along the way.

I’m here to tell you it isn’t too late to get back on track. All you need is a little push, some inspiration and abit of guidance 😀

And that’s why I started this blog. I want to share the tools on how you can make small changes in your life, to see the positive growth you want.

I want to show people how to get more out of their lives, by giving them practical takeaways in key areas, drawing on science, psychology, research, anecdotes and life examples which I hope are of help to you.

My aim is to help you transform your life, one post at a time.

You can choose to design and build the life that you want right now. You just need to take the first step.

I love hearing from readers! Feel free to leave questions, comment on articles or contact me.

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Who this site is for:

This site for YOU. Yes, You.

You – the unconventional, passionate go-getter and dreamer. You are intelligent. You are saavy. You make things happen. You chase your dreams relentlessly. You don’t give up. You call your own shots. You want to live differently. You want the best life for yourself. And you believe your life and destiny is yours to build.

The Dreamers. Designers. Architects. Builders. You are all welcome on-board.

About the Author

I think it’s no secret that I love devouring information. But sometimes that doesn’t play out too well. See, I have a really bad habit of starting multiple books/magazines/articles simultaneously and never finishing them.

I get into things pretty deep.

Oh and one other downside? My head is always spinning with information. So I wanted all that out of my head and neatly organised somewhere. And that led to me starting a Tumblr blog a few years ago which acted as my own personalised Instapaper/Pocket/online library.

Around that time, I was approaching my mid-20s and found myself constantly thinking about my identity and life’s purpose. Life seemed to consist of work, family and the random social event. But I felt unfulfilled. There was a niggling sense of “there should be more to life than this”?!

I wanted to challenge myself to live life to the fullest and in a way which meant lots of positive change and growth. And getting out of my comfort zone. I wanted to work towards discovering how to fulfill my dreams. What did that take?

That was how the personal experiments came about. I took topics – productivity, habits, goals; anything that appealed to me on personal growth and dove deep into each category. I documented the successes and failures.

And that was how this blog was born.

Also, as a Psychology researcher, NLP practitioner and coach, I help people help themselves get to their dreams.

Besides writing here, I can usually be found daydreaming, people-watching and thinking of my next cup of tea. Yum. Yes I’m a dreamer, an idealist and abit of a quiet rebel 🙂 I love Victorian architecture, European cities, mountains, city views, window-seats, the smell of new books, cafes, unconventionality and listening to jazz music on a rainy day.

What can you do?

If you need some help, guidance and clarity with your personal development and spiritual growth, check out my Coaching Rates here.

If you’d like to work on specific areas of your life in 5 days, the different Email Challenges might be for you.

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