About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Sara, MSc, Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Dreamer

In the day, I’m a Psychology Researcher, expert interviewer with a Masters of Science in Psychology & Neuroscience of mental health. I’m also a life & relationships coach, a milk tea addict and obsessed about turning dreams into reality.

As a Psychologist, a dreamer and someone who dislikes settling and following conventions

I’ve always been fascinated and interested in people’s thoughts, emotions and motivations. Specifically, why do we constantly struggle with feeling happy and confident? Why do we find it so hard to go after what we want in life? Why do we constantly let outdated, negative beliefs run our lives? 

Your true transformation in life starts with how you think about yourself. It starts with your beliefs and what is in your mind. 

I know how it feels to want to feel better and do better in life but not know how 

I went through much of teens and early-mid 20s disliking who I was. I had low self-esteem and refused to accept who I really was, who I wanted to be deep down, what I wanted from life.

And what happened? I chose the wrong friends and lovers. I stayed in jobs that I should have left a long time ago. I got myself entangled with toxic people and situations. I felt bad about myself a lot of the time, I self-sabotaged, hid my strengths, I never dared to aim high in life. I carried around so much negative beliefs and experiences that I believed to be true.  

I was lost, confused and absolutely miserable. I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what. It took leaving a very toxic, obsessive relationship to finally realise that this wasn’t the life that I dreamt of. It isn’t what I signed up for before I came into existence on this planet.

So I started to do the difficult work of self-reflecting and examining my emotions, thoughts and beliefs

When I felt like no one could give me answers or really helped me feel better, I started researching and learning for myself. I read books, watched videos, did everything I could to better myself and my life.

And I learned what I was never taught in school…that so much of what we do, how we behave and how we feel is rooted in what we think, our perceptions and our beliefs. That to transform my life I needed to transform my thinking first.

Little by little, I started making changes to my life. And I saw amazing results. I felt bolder, more confident – confidence from within. I felt less anxious, I cared less about what other people were thinking, I owned my strengths, I accepted my flaws and I aimed for the stars. I started to really see myself for who I am and boldly pursued what I wanted in life – career, relationships, friendships and in goals.

And my approach to how I lead my life and think about my dreams was forever changed

After seeing the power of how making incremental and tiny shifts in my mindset led to so many amazing delicious life experiences first hand, I was inspired to change others’ lives.

It pained me to see others going through what I went through when I was younger. It pained me to see people struggle and not know what type of help

  • Are you struggling to achieve all your goals in your life?
  • Are you constantly finding love in all the wrong places and can’t understand why?
  • Are you struggling with your self esteem and constantly feel lost and purposeless?
  • Are you carrying around bad habits and beliefs that are holding yo back from what you truly want in life?

I can help! With my background and my natural curiosity in people and relationships, I have a deep understanding of human behaviour and have helped many people get clear on their goals, wants and desires. I’ve helped clients and readers make changes in their life and careers and have helped them realise why their relationships aren’t working for them. As a research interviewer, I am skilled in actively listening, observing and asking the right questions to get down to the crux of what is really bothering you.

I am often told that I offer incredibly clear and inspiring advice to people and my clients come away feeling motivated, encouraged and ready to make those changes that they have always wanted to.

I love working with people just like you!

There is nothing more satisfying to me than hearing that a client is starting to feel better about herself, that she is working on herself and right on the path towards her dreams.

I have a very compassionate yet no-BS sort of style, combining a spiritual, heart-centred method with actionable tools. So if this sounds like what you’d like, do get in touch!

Let’s declutter all that mental and emotional baggage together and get you right on the path of your dream life

Due to the pandemic, new coaching sessions are now free. Click on the link below, describe your issue in 100 words or less and you will receive some quick tools and solutions to move you forward.

Not ready for that yet?

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