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7 of the best blogging tools and resources for beginners

7 free blogging tools for beginners and 7 resources for beginner bloggers. Use these to start your blog today! Also 2 of the best blogging resources that offer you the best blogging tips just for you to start your blog. Affiliate marketing tips, Pinterest tips, social media tips, how to start a blog tips and so much more!

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Are you a beginner blogger?

Or have you always been thinking of setting up a website, but you don’t know what to do or where to start?
I was in your shoes not too long ago.
When I started my blogging journey, I scoured the net for recommendations on blogging tools and resources people have used in their journeys
For months, I signed up for A TON of ebooks and courses. Some were free and some weren’t. So I burnt a HUGE hole in my pocket. As it turns out with these things, courses/ebooks that provide alot of value are few and far between. There were many that were a complete waste of money to be honest. 
I still can’t believe how some bloggers can price their products at $100 or more and yet offer buyers little to no value. Anyway, that was a huge learning curve and I now have a very clear picture of what is good and what isn’t.
And today I’m sharing all that with you. My honest experiences, recommended tools and resources that beginner bloggers need. 
I’m doing this for you because I know how confusing and tricky it is for beginner bloggers. I’ve been there. And it’s hard having to figure out whether you need something or whether a certain course/ebook is really worth the money.
In the first part of this series, I introduce the top blogging tools and resources you’d need to get your blogging journey going.
Let’s get started!

Full Disclosure: *This page contains  affiliate links, which means that I may make a small commission on products purchased through links clicked on this site at no extra cost to you. This helps keep this site running, so thanks for your support in this way!*


WordPress – Web Platform | SiteGround – Web Hosting | Creative Market – Website Themes, Fonts, Other Designs | Grammarly – Writing | Shareaholic – Social Media Shares


Kayla Aimee’s Must-Have Guide for Blogging | Scrivs’ Billionaire Blog Club

WordPress – Web Platform 

When you start blogging for business or for more professional reasons, you’d want to sign up with

It is the website platform that is widely used by many bloggers and business owners with websites.
WordPress has tons of features – free and paid themes, plugins (extra features or functions you can add to your site) It’s highly customizable. Its blogging platform is easy to use and the dashboard is user-friendly.  
Since many people are using it, you’ll find a plethora of tutorials, how-tos and guided videos all over the web when you have questions or run into trouble

The BEST in my opinion in web hosting. The key criteria I use to evaluate any sort blog services: quality of service and level of responsiveness of the support team.

This is especially true for beginner bloggers. Most of us know very little about html, site hosts and the like. We’ve already got a million other things we’ve got to figure out!

Before purchasing anything, I approached SiteGround’s customer service reps with a list of questions. And my experience was great. The rep was responsive and thorough in their answers. Another huge plus was the fact that they weren’t trying to sell me any of their plans upfront. 

I also didn’t have to wait a lonnnggg time for someone to attend to me. With siteground, you just click on the chat function and someone is with you very quickly.  

Til today, their standards have still been nothing short of fantastic. Still the same top-notch customer service. 

Another great thing about SiteGround is how stable their server is. I’ve had sudden spikes in traffic – over thousands in a day – and my website has never crashed. Their stable server also means that webpages load quickly. This is very important as it affects users’ experience. People who visit your site do not want to wait around forever for a page to load.

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Also, if you are migrating sites or changing hosts and feel like you can’t do any of that alone. Don’t worry, SiteGround’s reps will take care of all of that for you!

All in all, I love SiteGround and highly recommend them!

Click here to get your SiteGround plan at $4.95/month – 50% off the regular price. 

Creative Market – Website Themes, Fonts, Other Designs

This site is just amazing. I bought my website theme here. There are just TONS of aesthetical tools for bloggers. Fonts, web themes, images, resume templates, photos, graphics. The list goes on. It’s just a wonderful resource for any blogger, with items available at any price!

Click here to start looking at Themes for your website

Grammarly – Writing

Grammarly Writing SupportI write alot – in my day job and in my blogging life. It’s always extremely useful to have a tool to grammar check and proofread your articles. Typos and grammar mistakes can be embarrassing!

For Grammarly, all you have to do is create an account and then copy+paste your entire report/article/ whatever it is in the space given. Grammarly will do the proof-reading and underline the words/phrases where it thinks there is a mistake and provide suggestions.

I highly recommend this tool to anyone who does alot of writing. The proofreader is a lot more sophisticated than Microsoft Word’s spellcheck and frequently picks up on errors that I miss!

Click here to sign up for free or upgrade to premium for nifty proofreading and grammar check tools. 

Shareaholic – Social Media Shares

If you want social media engagement on your blog, you need social sharing buttons. You also have make those buttons obvious and visible to the reader. Ain’t nobody got time scanning your website for tiny sharing buttons!

Enter Shareaholic. I’ve tried a few others, including the famed SumoMe, but Shareaholic’s features trumps them all. Some things that I love:

  • Their dashboard has a very clean interface
  • There are different types of sharing buttons – floating, above post, below post etc.
  • Analytics and monetization features if you have ads and affiliates to manage
  • Highly customizable buttons – colour of buttons, type of share buttons (floating, above or below post), font size etc.
  • Responsive support

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I’ve got 2 to recommend. Yes, only two! I learnt this late into my blogging experience – you don’t need to sign up for every single ebook or expensive course you come across.

All you need is a handy resource that neatly ties in everything you need to know about how to start a blog – all in one place.

An important factor behind recommending both Kayla’s and Paul’s products is cause I’ve been following their blogs for quite awhile now. They give great tips and have been bringing in results for themselves for a long time. Both also have a large no. of subscribers (in the thousands), so they know what they are talking about. I’ve applied them and they have given me results!

So let’s dive a little bit deeper, shall we?

Kayla Aimee’s Must have guide for blogging

Blogging Tips and resources, blogging ebooks for beginner bloggers. What I like

This book packs a punch and is a nifty all-in-one guide. What I really like about guides like this is that you don’t have to spend money grabbing ten different guides for different areas of blogging. You get tools for every little area you need for blogging in this ebook.

Kayla covers social media tips, Pinterest strategies, affiliate marketing tips (which she is brilliant at), branding, influencer outreach, how to write and format blog posts and so on.

Her writing flows well and is a very breezy read. I personally love ebooks as I can save them in dropbox, open them anywhere, take notes and highlight important bits.

Who this is for

If you are a beginner blogger, you’d find this incredibly useful resource. It contains every single thing you need to know to kickstart your blogging journey.

For bloggers who have been blogging for awhile, I still think you will find nuggets of useful information in here. Personally, I gained a lot of insight from the branding and outreach sections. There were some useful post formatting tips that I’ve never seen before too!

What I didn’t like

This was more a matter of us just being in different blogging niches. I blog in the personal growth and self improvement space. So some of her recommendations, unfortunately, weren’t applicable to me (which Pinterest group boards to join for instance).

This is an issue you will encounter quite often if you aren’t in the “Mommy Blogger” niche or “How to make money blogging” space. Lots of courses and ebooks are often written by bloggers from these two niches.

Still, I don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water. IF you are in a different niche, just be discerning about the information you are getting. Do a little bit of your own research too. For instance, lots of affiliate marketing tips aren’t suitable for some niches. It’s good to read around and find out what’s suitable for your blog.

Click HERE to purchase her ebook today, or get it together with her Affiliate Acceleration course – at a discount for a limited time period.

Paul Scrivs’ Billionaire Blog Club

What I like

  • Covers a huge number of topics. Blogging SEO, Pinterest and Board Booster master classes, Affiliate marketing, Choosing a niche, Email marketing, google analytics, How to set up your blog in wordpress and content creation. There are at least a 100 videos here – I’m not kidding – and Paul keeps adding more.
  • A fantastic supportive community with hundreds of bloggers. You get to connect LIVE with other users, discuss problems, find solutions and encourage one another. Not only that – you get access to Paul himself too. In REAL TIME. Do you have that anywhere else? Most bloggers don’t even reply your emails! I’ve posted questions to him directly in the community and he has always replied almost immediately.
  • Blogging challenges. there are 4 28-day blog challenges that walk you through everything you want to do with your blog. I found them incredibly helpful for keeping me on track.
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Who this is for

Anybody in the beginner and intermediate levels of their blogging journey. There is always something new to learn and Paul updates his videos frequently. I always check back for new lessons or re-watch videos to take notes.

What I didn’t like

This is just a slight inconvenience for me, but, personally I tend to prefer courses that aren’t solely video-based. (Lots of courses are going this route now btw). I’m a very notes, paper and pen person and prefer reading text.

I’m also always on the go and find ebooks much more accessible than having to download and save a video to my phone or something. OR having to wait til I have a laptop to access a course. But lots of people love video courses, and if you are one of them – this would be great for you!

Tip: Join his mailing list via his 12 day FREE blogging bootcamp here: httpss:// Paul has lots of offers on his courses to his mailing list from time to time. I got mine at a steal for $49 some time ago when he put it on sale.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or an email if you have questions on any of the above.

I hope you now feel less afraid in beginning your blogging journey! 🙂 Also, feel free to pin this post or share it with others whom you know are also struggling with getting their blogs started.

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