Struggling to live life the way you want to?

This warm, healing space is created for sensitive, curious, honest souls who are tired of being told to live according to society’s expectations. Here, you are given permission to be who you are, live life the way you want and eventually finding the way back to your Authentic Self. I will give you strategies and tools to empower you and build your inner strength and courage, in a loving and gentle manner. 


About Me | S.A.Alonso

About Me | S.A.Alonso

Founder | Author | Coach | Certified Psychotherapist | Chakra Healer | MSc (Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health) | Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified

I work with highly sensitive, curious and action-taking people who are ready to evolve any and every area of your lives. Be it relationships, career, friendships, life purpose, time management, goal-setting, stress management, low self-esteem, emotional dysregulation and so on.

My 10-year long decade of experience as a researcher in Psychology and Neuroscience, as a life and career coach and a Psychotherapist, I’ve tapped on various models and techniques in working with clients. I’ve also written books on my own personal growth and healing journey in hopes that others out there would feel inspired and guided.

If you are ready to take your life to a whole new level, do get in touch! Or just fill in this form here:  https://forms.gle/KDTmPfHsJygdFfy86 I can’t wait to be your Guide in your wonderful journey =)