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Keep moving and keep chasing those dreams ♡

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How I doubled my Instagram following (and made 2k)

How I doubled my Instagram following (and made 2k):


It’s about the engagement.

Due to the relationships I’ve built up over on Instagram over the past few months I’ve sold dozens of products and attracted at least five new business owners into my membership community – totalling around 2k in sales.

Not a bad return on an investment on 15-20 minutes a day, is it?

Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Posted one image every single day for 90 days (ok, maybe I missed one day at Christmas)
  • Posted at a similar time each day
  • Used hashtags to make it easier for people to find my content
  • Learned how to take better photos (even though I don’t see myself as artistic)
  • Formed Instagram engagement pods with other business owners
  • Created a posting schedule and used the Mosaico app to plan my content

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