How to Hack Your Brain for Insane Focus and Productivity, According to Harvard Research

How to Hack Your Brain for Insane Focus and Productivity, According to Harvard Research:

  • Do your ABC’s (be aware of your options)
  • Set your intentions
  • Use technology to fight back
  • Tame the tide of negative emotions
  • Create space

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Studyblr Post: Dealing with distractions

WAYS TO STUDY – Study tips, Blog , Vlog, Articles, And more…:

    1. My first tip is to turn off your phone when you are working. Another thing you can do is turn on plane mode on your phone. That way, you can easily get access to your social media during a study break, without having to turn your device off and on the whole time.


    1. Another thing you can do when your friends/loved one keeps messaging you when you should be studying is just tell them that you need to work on school and that you will speak to them in a couple of hours. If they care about you, they know your education is important for your future and give you the space to work. You know you won’t get any messages during those hours so you can’t get distracted by your phone.


    1. This is going to sound very childish but if you have no self control at all, ask someone (a parent or sibling or roommate) to hide your phone until you are done with doing your school work. It can be a little bit hard sometimes but you’ll notice that there aren’t a lot of excuses you can use to get your phone back before you are finished.


    1. Let’s take a look at this from another perspective: why are we so addicted to social media ? Our brains get a positive (prikkel) every time we get a like or a message. It simply gives us a good feeling without having to work hard for it. However, do you feel happy at the end of the day when you know you spent your whole day on social media scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, knowing that there’s nothing new going on? I don’t. (Sterker nog), I feel guilty because I wasted my day with something that doesn’t make me happy. What does make me happy? Going to bed knowing I did everything I could, knowing that my day was productive and knowing I am one step closer to my goal. In other words, I have to get things done (school, exercise, take care of myself) to get a happy feeling at the end of the day. Think about this the next time you are tempted to grab your phone when you are studying.


    1. One thing that I like to keep in mind during studying is “if it’s that important, they’ll call me”. I turn off my wifi and internet so I don’t have any access to social media but if people need to tell something important they can by calling me. Now I do have to say, I never get called by people which means that whatever is going on on social media, whatever someone texts me is not that important.


    1. **My last tip is to go to social media and look at the things that are posted in a critical way. What do you see? Someone posting something funny, an article from a magazine, a selfie, a picture of someone’s kid, photos of someone’s amazing party. Now ask yourself? Are you really interested in these things? Does this make you happy? And most importantly, is this worth your time? Because of this I stopped using Facebook and my personal Twitter and Instagram, simply because they didn’t add anything to my life, they didn’t make my happy and I felt like I was scrolling through the same kind of posts/photos every day.


  1. My last tip for you is to delete apps you can live without on your phone and only check them on another device. Now I do have to say, this only works when you are not addicted to that other device. For me that is my laptop. I don’t feel any need to turn on my laptop to check social media, which is the reason why I deleted my Facebook from my phone and now I only check it on my laptop (which is, in case you were wondering, less than once a week).

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3 Reasons You’re Staying Up Too Late (And How To Quit Doin’ Them)

3 Reasons You’re Staying Up Too Late (And How To Quit Doin’ Them)

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4 types of distractions that derail your productivity – A Life of Productivity

4 types of distractions that derail your productivity – A Life of Productivity:

The solution to dealing with distractions that can be controlled is simple: eliminate the interruptions ahead of time. If you frequently stumble into productivity potholes while on the internet, disconnect while doing your most important work. If checking email is eating away at your productivity, or email alerts are preventing you from focusing on your work, disable those beeps and bloops, and turn off the new message notifications that pop into the corner of your screen as you’re working. Schedule a few windows throughout the day to intentionally check your email, instead checking it habitually.

The solution to dealing with distractions that cannot be controlled: The key to dealing with these derailments isn’t to prevent them from happening—their very nature prevents you from doing so. Instead, it’s up to you to change how you respond—quickly getting back on track after annoying interruptions, and enjoying any fun interruptions that happen to arise.

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Measuring your distractibility score

For how long can you work on a difficult task without losing focus?

Let’s measure it. Get hold of a stopwatch – then choose an unpleasant task you’ve been putting off.

  • Start the stopwatch
  • Begin working on the task
  • Work for as long as you can before you feel the urge to grab some water or stop what you’re doing for some other compelling reason. Stop the stopwatch.

This is your distractibility score. You now have a measure you can improve on over time. Think about brain plasticity – you can change anything if you put your mind to it.

Can you manage 2 hours’ sustained work on daunting tasks? No? How about 10 minutes? Don’t worry, you can increase your time gradually and at least you now have a clear goal to reach.

Quote of the Day

Record any interruption and go back to work. First you’ll record 6 interruptions, then one. Then none.

How Much Time Are You Actually Spending Thinking About YOU?

Often our mental energy is consumed by other people and things that we either have no control over or are a distraction from us.


Over the past 14 months, how much time has been spent thinking about them?


Her mind is rarely on her and even if it is not to the extent that it was previously, she thinks about him a hell of a lot.

Other important questions: When you are thinking about them, what is it about? Imagining how different things could be if only they changed? Putting them on a pedestal? Analysing what they said and did to try to figure out where you went wrong?

If more time is spent thinking about them than you, you are engaging in avoidance and if you continue with a cycle of ‘thinking’ and obsessing, not only will you find reasons to blame yourself, but you won’t process the information, accept what has happened and move forward.

How much time has been spent thinking about you? Focusing on you? Of that time, how much of it was positive?


What’s the longest period of time that you have felt happy, positive, personally secure and just generally ‘good’?


****it’s that she won’t get over him as long as he has a significant amount of space in her head.


If you give the majority of your headspace to a distraction, to things you have no control over, to irrelevant stuff, to less important stuff to another person that clouds out you, you’ll end up treading water and not accomplishing very much.


***You may think you’re applying yourself because the little you do feels like a lot of effort, but if in context, it’s being diminished by thoughts consumed by someone else or negative stuff, you’re negating those efforts.


Getting over someone, learning to love yourself, filling out your life – all of these things take application and the reality is that application and results don’t happen when the majority of your time is spent thinking about someone and things that you have absolutely zero control over or don’t bear a constructive relevance to your present and future. That’s not to take away from whatever efforts you have made but it’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself.


***nobody gets anywhere or does anything if their mind isn’t thinking about the thing that they need to do. If you rely on it all happening unconsciously or it being sandwiched between the pain, you end up with mixed results. If I have something that needs to be done this week and I spend the majority of my efforts doing and thinking about something else entirely, lo and behold it doesn’t happen. Multiply that over weeks and months and you can see where it’s heading.



Sometimes we don’t realise that we’re not as focused on ourselves as we should be. It becomes habit to be consumed by someone else so that we don’t even notice. We need to be present for our own lives and wake up. There are periods of my life that are hazy – I was so consumed with ‘love’ and pain, everything was out of focus, murky, blurred, tinged. You don’t get that time back. It’s totally OK to be hurt, it’s totally OK to grieve your relationship but don’t make it your ‘role’. Take the focus off them and bring it back to you.


How Much Time Are You Actually Spending Thinking About YOU?