Hi. :) I’m pretty new to the community of studyblrs and my next school year is starting within a few days. Do you have any tips on how to plan study and homework sessions daily and how to keep up with them without wanting to do more and more and burning out? Also, do you know some blogs of your favorites that post their planners with their planned sessions etc.? :c I hope I didn’t overlook any of those on your blog. Thank you for taking your time to read this / answer this! <3

I start by writing down everything that I have to do (I have a Day Designer, so there’s a to do list column and a schedule column.) Then I try to estimate how long each will take, and then I start to fill in my schedule. I start out with one or two easy/enjoyable tasks, and then my hardest/most dreaded task comes after that, and then the rest goes after that. To keep from burning out, be sure to give yourself lots of breaks to rest your mind. For boring subjects that don’t require a lot of thought, I like to listen to shows that I’ve already watched in the background to stay focused/not get burnt out. It’s all about balance! I usually work in my school’s library, so that I can take breaks and chat with friends every once in a while (they all know that you can literally always find me in the library.) It’s also good to switch subjects up, and not focus on one for too long.

I don’t know of any specific blogs that post those (although I may start, so keep an eye out!), but you can check out my favorites list to find some that have pretty great posts anyway.

thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the community!
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