Social Wellness

  • Do you have a strong network of relationships with trusting, supportive people?
  • Are there personal characteristics you want to improve on?
  • Would you want to develop healthier relationships with others?

Social Wellness is about the relationships you have with yourself and others.

Want healthier relationships? Are there parts of your personality you would want to develop? Introverts! Looking for tips on dating, public speaking and more? Look no further.
Want a better relationship with yourself and with others?

Personal Growth & Development

A topic that is a personal favourite. Personality as a concept is dynamic, it’s mouldable, it can be changed and developed. I touch on various aspects of our personality including and not limited to – building confidence and self esteem, how to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and many more.

Healthy Relationships

Having healthy relationships that are meaningful and add value to our lives is something we all strive for. Social connectedness with others is extremely important and contributes greatly to our happiness. How to build healthy relationships, the characteristics of healthy relationships as well as the red flags and warning signs to look out for when navigating the sometimes very tricky world of human relations.



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