Relationships 101: Fantasising

Is fantasising ever healthy

***You’ll notice that your fantasies have crossed into unhealthy when there’s such a great disparity between your ideals and reality, that it leaves you hungry, frustrated, agitated, disappointed and even resentful.


That said, whether you’ve become this way as a child or an adult, these expectations about what your life ‘should’ and ‘would’ be, if only XYZ, can cause you to miss out on being an active part of your present, especially when you get trapped in inaction or feeling resentful of those around you.

Life is sometimes a pain in the arse, miserable and bloody awful – it doesn’t stay that way forever though, especially if you don’t hold on to these feelings and stagnate in your life.


***All of this fantasising is like pressing your face against the shop window of your own mind and torturing yourself about things you think you can’t or won’t have, even though it turns out that these things are available for free, with some healthy work that doesn’t feel like ‘work work’.


***it’s using your active state to be inactive by dreaming about what is likely to be a fantasy about happy stuff when you’re awake, which distracts you from life. 

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