You’re not as busy as you think – A Life of Productivity

You’re not as busy as you think – A Life of Productivity:

Some takeaways:

  • On average, people overestimated the time they worked by more than 18 hours. 
  • Keep a time log/time tracker to track the amount of time you spend doing things, in blocks of 30 mins (or less, if you prefer)***

You’ll probably be amazed by how inefficiently you spend your time; how frequently you procrastinate and work on things that aren’t important. Maybe you’ll also discover that you work fewer hours than you originally thought.

The takeaway here is a vital one: despite how busy you may feel, you’re probably not as busy as you think. You may have more free hours in the day than you originally thought—it’s just that you’re spending that time on work that’s less important and meaningful than what you ought to be doing.

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