How to overcome procrastination/distractions and start working (Video)

  • Notice what is going in your mind/what craving you are having
    when you are having difficulty starting or getting distracted
  • Grow a new habit on top of an old one. Two ways:
  • Change your environment
  • Track the habit you want to create onto an existing
    behaviour. If do (x), then do (y)
  • Secret to making habits: you are more likely to
    agree to do less than more! So start smal
  • Use exercise for a mini nootropic effect
    • Exercise leads to better bloodflow and gets
      more energy and oxygen to the brain, this leads to increased performance and
      better willpower
    • Or sometimes, you feel that your need to want
      to finish the task is even greater than the need to exercise
    •  Practice some mindfulness. For instance,
      scrolling through wedding pics on fb of an ex classmate you’ve not spoken to in
      10 years? Ask yourself: “I don’t even know this person, why am I looking at
      their wedding pics?” and then close fb
  • Take a break and let your subconscious do the work
    • Isolate yourself in a quiet room where you are
      not distracted by the computer, tv, phone, work etc. This is why lots of great
      thoughts come to you in the shower! It could be a walk or relaxing in a chair –
      something slow and quiet
    • However warm showers make you release dopamine and
      increased dopamine flows lead to better creativity
  • Use the flow state cycle
    • Feel totally absorbed with the task at hand

*Don’t take breaks by checking your phones and
watching TV, it actually affects our brain waves and this prevents
creativity/ideas from occurring

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