8 things to do in 3 minutes to refocus your step studying (or any other kind of studying for that matter)


  1. Walk out and get the mail so you can stand in the sunshine for a bit. (Walk really slowly for maximum sunshine time–bonus points for no shoes in the grass.)
  2. Watch one youtube video (don’t get caught in the youtube vortex). Ideally this should be a video of cute puppies or something silly to make you smile.
  3. Make a cup of tea
  4. Send an email to a friend or family member about how you love them.
  5. Three minute tumblr dash scroll (again, don’t get caught in the vortex).
  6. Three minutes is just long enough to do about two sun salutations!
  7. Say a quick hello to your significant other/roommate/puppy/kitten/ empty apartment/mom/who or whatever else lives with you!
  8. One song dance party–play your favorite song really loud and dance all around your apartment to it.

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