These Popular Tea Brands Contain Illegal Amounts of Pesticides! Avoid Them!

These Popular Tea Brands Contain Illegal Amounts of Pesticides! Avoid Them!:


  • Alot of bagged tea out there contains high amounts of pesticides and flouride
  • Over-exposure to flouride can cause problems to bones, teeth and the kidney
  • Cheaper and lower-quality tea makes use of old tea leaves which contain fluoride, as it is absorbed from the soil and accumulates as they grow older
  • Some tea leaves are seldom washed although they are sprayed with pesticides

The brands that have the most toxins:

  1. Tetley
  2. Lipton
  3. Twinnings
  4. No Name
  5. Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
  6. King Cole
  7. Signal

– King Cole, which contained the monocrotophos – a chemical that is currently in the process of being banned, as it causes irregular heartbeat and even coma.
– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, which contained more than 20 types of pesticides. One was endosulfan, which causes nervous system damage.
– No Name, which contained more than 10 pesticide types.

That doesn’t mean the other tea brands were totally safe, however. In fact, only Red Rose tea was found to contain no pesticides at all.

How To Avoid Toxic Chemicals in Tea

  • Try switching to white tea. It has the least amount of fluoride because it’s made from young leaves.
  • Be sure to buy loose leaf tea or brew your own tea from scratch.
  • Buy organic! Choose a non-GMO certified brand of tea.
  • Check the ingredient list to make sure there are no added flavors or GMO ingredients added to the tea leaves.
  • *Many restaurants use tea brands that are known to be full of pesticides, so be careful about ordering tea while out to eat.
  • Know the correct brewing times for certain types of tea. Black or Pu-reh teas should be steeped for 3-5 minutes; white or green teas should be steeped for 2-3 minutes; Oolong teas should be steeped for 4-7 minutes; and herbal teas should be left to steep for five minutes at minimum, longer for a stronger tea.

Here is a list of bagged

tea that is safe

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