Physical Wellness

  • Do you have sufficient rest each day?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • Are you eating a balanced diet?

How is your Physical Well being?

Want to sleep better? Eat healthier? Never want to feel tired again? Or, want to know more about beauty and fashion? Check out this section for practical tips.

Which areas of physical wellness do you need more help in?

Sleep and Exercise

It’s about the 24 hours each day, it’s more important to manage our energy (more here). When we take regular breaks and rest well, we tend to be more productive. Exercise helps boost energy levels, and also has lots of other benefits including but not limited to: lifting our moods, improving sleep quality and removing disease amongst others. I also talk alot about the benefits of sleep. As a whole, humans have been sleeping less over the decades and these has adverse effects on our lives with time.

Health & Fitness

What constitutes a healthy diet? It’s more than calorie counting and eating salads, I assure you. A lot of the food we consume also lacks the essential nutrients that our body very much needs. Healthy eating also goes beyond diet to consumption patterns and eating habits. It’s important to be informed about the sorts of food we put in our bodies.

Beauty, Style and Fashion

Do you know what kinds of clothing and styles flatter your body type? Putting together a wardrobe, differentiating between the different business styles (corporate, casual etc). Beauty tips and hairstyles – tips to make you feel and look your best!

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