Getting rid of time robbers

At its simplest, the science of habit is all about transforming your environment. If your environment is distraction-free and you’re using the right techniques, you’ll be much more productive. If your environment is full of distractions and interruptions, you won’t achieve anything.

Willpower is over-rated. Put inspiring visual triggers around the house. If you like to meditate, put your cushion within reach. If you want to play more guitar, keep your guitar always in front of you.

Removing Distractions, Start with your laptop and mobile:

How much time are you spending on social media every day? Are you constantly interrupting your work to check Facebook or your email?

How many messages are you receiving by phone every day? Do you really need to answer each one promptly?

How many tabs do you keep open in your navigator at the same time? Do you really need them all?

Your One-time Action

Make a list of all the distractions around you, then think about the strategies you can put in place to deal with them. You can use this kind of table:

Distraction – I change my music playlist every 5 mins at work and I cannot focus.

How can I deal with it? – Instead of listening to music I’ll use earplugs and isolate myself from external sounds like rain or wind that i can find on youtube.

Distraction – I check my phone each time someone sends me a message

How can I deal with it? – I will put my phone away in silent mode and check it from time to time

Block attention-seeking websites, gmail and facebook when starting your day. Put your phone away or in flight mode.

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