What’s the BEST way to STUDY? | Science of Study #4 | Maddie Moate

What’s the BEST way to STUDY? | Science of Study #4 | Maddie Moate:Least effective methods: 

  1. Highlighting: Does very little to engage you in a subject 
    1. Also draws your attention to certain bits of information and you don’t see the bigger picture 
    2. No marked improvement in test scores when used as a lone study method 
  2. Re-reading: Once you’ve read the text, any additional re-reading will diminish the information you get from the text 
    1. When used as a lone study method is ineffective as it is a passive learning activity 

So-so study methods:

  1. Mnemonics: Our brain remembers weird, quirky things better
    1. However, it only works when studying certain content like remembering definitions and words; but not good for remembering ideas that aren’t so fixed in place
    2. Requires training as you need to create memorable images that have to be re-visited many times to get it stuck in your head 
    3. But if you do the above well, it creates a “memory palace” 

Great methods:

  1. Distributed practise: Space out your learning and use your flashcards to test yourself
  2. Practise testing: Active recalling strengthens the information and re-organises things so that it is easier to retrieve in the future 
    1. Practise past papers
    2. Test yourself anywhere, anyplace with flashcards. Re-read textbooks, summarise and highlight keywords as well 

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