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Procrastination is not about being lazy, but it’s an inbuilt-defense mechanism

Tend to procrastinate when things are going good. Like you are getting into the flow of things, but something seems to go off inside that stops you from going further

You have something to do but you’re afraid of what’s involved and don’t believe in your abilities; so you delay

And the things you produce are produced in stress

You tend to procrastinate as well if you are quite hard on yourself and self-critical, and on the perfectionist side.

If you have alot of rules and regulations for yourself or you have been called stupid as a kid; then you might have alot of these self-protective device of procrastination to avoid looking like a fool/feel rejected.

It’s self-sabotage. Fear of failure, fear of success. It’s about fear; a protective device.

Like a way of controlling the events in your life. Don’t want to be too successful cause it may mean more work etc.

You feel that if you procrastinate, you can avoid all of those feelings; of dealing with those things above etc

Sometimes it’s expecting too much of yourself, doing too much and putting too much pressure on yourself. Do check in with you – are you creating the space, time to do this etc.

What’s the baggage behind this? If you can understand that, then you can change it. Then you can also start to see clear ways of managing that.

TL;DR: Procrastinating is not about being lazy, you are just afraid.

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