How to not make everyday feel the same

The Remedy

The remedy to the first theory is obvious – vary your schedule.  Change little (or big things) every day.  For example:

1. Add a morning routine.  Have a tea or coffee and just look out the window.  At least 20 minutes. Do some morning stretching or yoga.  Walk the dogs in the cool morning air.  Work in the garden.
2. Take a new route to work or class. Take a new route home. Take a new route through town.  Put on some driving music and just explore areas you hadn’t seen before. You’ll be surprised at some of the places your intuition can take you.
3. Change the places where you regularly eat.  Find a new restaurant.  Or, if you usually eat out, start cooking at home.

If you change multiple locations in one day, it creates the illusion that you’ve spent a large amount of time in that day.

The other time-related concept is simply activity.  Activities that are flow-producing will make time fly by – but again, if you engage yourself in multiple activities throughout the day it will give a stronger impression of more time used efficiently.


Another really fun way to break out of routine is to involve other people.  Here is the fun part: try cultivating a relationship (however momentary) with a stranger.


– High-five the person serving you once you get your drink at Starbucks

– If you have a cleaning lady or any sort of service person you run into on a semi-daily basis, deliberately start a conversation with them about something of value.

– Awkward elevator moments?  Try starting an honest conversation with one of the people inside, without talking about the weather.

– Begin with the intent of varying routine, and you’ll be surprised that some very unique friendships may evolve.

How to not make everyday feel the same

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