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Beat Procrastination By Eliminating Your Choices | College Info Geek:

  • The cost of choice: having too many choices makes people “paralysed”. You start weighing up the choices and end up not doing much at all
  • You got 2 modes: planning and doing. And you can only be in one mode at once.

Planning is the first step to eliminating choices and forcing yourself to focus on a single task. Before you start getting into Doing mode, take some time to actually plan out what it is that you need to do. Pay attention to:

  • The context of each task – how mentally taxing it is, where it needs to be done, what tools are needed
  • The priority – which tasks are most urgent
  • Your mental state – are you energized right now or not?

By paying attention to your mental state and the contexts of your tasks, you can batch tasks of similar mental intensities and get them all done at once.

Likewise, considering priority will help you decide what order to tackle your work in.

Likewise, individual projects should be broken into steps and prioritized as well. “Study for Calculus Final” isn’t a good task – it doesn’t implicitly tell you exactly what to do, so it should be broken up into action steps that a robot could do, like:

1.Set up study area and download practice problem set from Blackboard 2. Review chapter on L’Hôpital’s rule in textbook and take summarized notes

3. Work through problem set

Once you have your plan created, you can finally switch out of Planning mode and into Doing/Robot mode.


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