Personal Effectiveness

  • How can I be more productive in my life?
  • How can I better manage my time?
  • Why is it so difficult to focus on something and get it done?

Would you like to increase your Personal Effectiveness?

How do we be more effective in life? I think it’s a question that is on our minds in some way everyday. Personal effectiveness is the study of habits, achieving goals, time management and productivity. It is about making our lives more efficient and effective. Here, I share actionable hacks, tips and tricks that I’ve gleaned from my readings so far.

Would you like to be more productive? Manage your time better? Cultivate good habits? How about effective goal setting? Always procrastinating and would like to increase your focus? I share actionable tips, hacks and more on increasing your personal effectiveness.

How Personally Effective are you on a scale from 1- 10?

Cultivate Good Habits

Habits are actions that we repeat regularly and overtime, they become subconscious and automatic. Hence, we need to cultivate habits that are beneficial to us. Here I write about tips to cultivate good habits and life transforming habits as well as how to start forming habits.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is something that many of us do throughout our lives, but how many of us have properly thought

Increasing Productivity

How can I make my everyday a productive day?” is a frequent question on our minds. All of us have never-ending to-do lists, and we all struggle to stay focused and manage the distractions around us. I offer tidbits and suggestions on how to live your lives more productively, the psychology behind why we procrastinate and how to increase focus.

Time Management

“Where did all the time go?” is something we often ask ourselves. Sometimes, 24 hours seem like too little. Here are all tips on how to manage your time effectively and get more out of your 24 hours.

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