This Is How To Easily Improve Your Body Language: 4 Proven Secrets

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Sum Up

This is what you need to know about your own body language:

  • To be more likable, smile and use open body movements. No squishing.
  • To be more influential, think about your goals. Upbeat to sell, calm to reduce resistance.
  • To be seen as a leader, think power and warmth. Maintain good posture. Don’t be a jerk.
  • To be more attractive, guys should follow the leadership postures and ladies the likable ones.Gender roles are changing so, hey, maybe this will too. But for now, this is what the research seems to point to.
  • When you are feeling cranky? Research shows putting your best foot forward actually reveals the real you:In sum, positive self-presentation facilitates more accurate impressions, indicating that putting one’s best self forward helps reveal one’s true self.

The Body Language That Makes Friends

  • Smile. Smiles engender trust
  • Smile MORE. And the whole world smiles with you


We judge people and objects to be more pleasant when we are smiling in comparison to when we are frowning, so if you want your interviewer to think positively about you, try smiling.


  • Want to improve your smile?Smile slower
  • Ensure your body movements are up and out. “Smile and expand. Don’t frown and squish”

I just try to use high eyebrow elevations. Basically, anything going up and elevating is very open and comforting. Anything that is compressing: lip compression, eyebrow compression, where you’re squishing down, that’s conveying stress.


How To Be More Influential

  • Be upbeat to sell something. Animated movements. Lean forward. Move quickly, speak quickly
  • Be calm to reduce resistance.Precise gestures. Lean back. Move slowly and speak slowly.
  • Otherwise, mimic the person you are talking to. It increases the connection we have with the person

How To Carry Yourself Like A Boss

  • Appear powerful and warm

Coming across as powerful and cold can make people resent or envy you. And if you don’t have any warmth — or the real power to back up that appearance of power — it can lead to you being exploited or harassed.

  • Body language that conveys authority? Good posture, taking up space, a firm handshake and a purposeful stride
  • How do you communicate warmth?

As a leader, you communicate warmth nonverbally with open body postures, palm-up hand gestures, a full-frontal body orientation, positive eye contact, synchronized movements, head nods, head tilts, and smiles.


The Body Language That Makes You More Attractive

  • Ladies, appear happy, positive and likable – smile more and have more eye contact, mimic the men. Men – appear prideful, calm, confident

…happiness was the most attractive female emotion expression, and one of the least attractive in males. In contrast, pride showed the reverse pattern; it was the most attractive male expression, and one of the least attractive in women.


  • Position of your chin. Ladies: tilt down, males: tilt up.
  • And if everything else doesn’t work: eye contact! (Moderate and don’t become creepy…)
  • Taking selfies and wanna look good? Take photos on the left side of your profile (possibly due to the fact that we show more emotion on the left side of our faces)

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