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ideas for things you can achieve! 

Happy (early) new year! Here’s to 2017, the best year yet! (because 2016 has set the bar pretty low)

You can start working towards a goal anytime of year, not just for a new year’s resolution!

Guide to Setting Effective Goals


  • run x distance
  • run x distance in y time
  • attend a certain fitness event (ex. color run, ironman)
  • be able to lift x amount of weight
  • lose, gain, or maintain weight
  • eat healthy food
  • start incorporating new fitness types into your life
  • go for daily walks

Physical & Mental Health

  • keep up with medication
  • quit bad habits like smoking, binge eating, drinking too much, etc
  • go to x number of dentist, doctor, optometrist, psychiatrist, therapist, etc appointments
  • improve self esteem
  • drink more water
  • start journaling


  • contact friends and family x number of times
  • meet new people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • stop contacting an ex


  • save x amount by y date
  • save x% of each paycheck
  • no spend for x amount of time
  • start a savings or IRA account
  • establish a budget
  • pay off debt
  • get insurance

Personal Development

  • take an online course
  • listen to podcasts
  • learn an instrument
  • learn a language
  • start a blog or youtube channel
  • get a promotion or better job
  • start playing a sport you like to watch
  • learn to cook
  • write a novel
  • read more
  • start a business
  • get organized, clean more often
  • learn self defense


  • travel to places you want to go
  • watch concerts and performances
  • visit museums
  • watch new movies in cinema
  • attend conventions
  • go to theme parks
  • change your style
  • get or remove a tattoo
  • adopt a pet
  • donate money or volunteer

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